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All you can jet – Rochester to Orlando and back up to Newburgh, NY all in a day

Rochester, NY Sun. 20 Sep. 2009.  For some reason, I awoke at 4:39a, noticing the clock, I went back to sleep, but was awakened by the requested wake up call at 4:45a. My G-1 mobile phone alarmed a little later as the room clock was off by a few minutes it seems.

I got ready and made it downstairs for the shuttle to the airport. I greeted the front desk clerk who said he is the driver and will be ready in a few minutes.

At 5:30a, we departed the hotel and had a great conversation on the way to the airport. Once there, I checked-in for the flight without any issues. The agent Stephen was really cool as he noticed my button. We had a short “All you can jet” conversation as he checked me in, also printing my boarding pass for the Orlando to Newburgh flight later that day.

I spent the next few minutes walking around the airport. I was really looking for a “Welcome to Rochester” sign, but did not find one.

I then went through security meeting a TSA guy who had the same birthday, but not the same year as I do.  I inadvertently chose the security line with the new X-ray machines. I had to take everything out of my pockets including paper items. I then held my arms above my head and then got zapped with rays. This is the new machine that shows your anatomy to the viewer. I asked if I could see the image and was told no. There was some person in a back room looking at it. Apparently, my “All you can jet” button showed up so they had to pat down my upper body.

I used this once before in London-Heathrow and I was able to see the picture. It does show every contours of your body, just so you know.

The old Air Traffic Control Tower at Rochester, NY (ROC)

I completed the process and then made my way to the main area of the terminal. It is a beautiful new terminal; they have a clock in the middle with 12 countries names around it. They also have the first air traffic control tower as well as models of a few airplanes.

I was a bit hungry due to the lack of dinner last night, so I had a breakfast burrito minus the sausage from McDonald’s. I then made my way down to the gate and checked e-mail using the free airport Wi-Fi.

Boarding started soon and I boarded saying hello without any All you can jet recognition. It was the same airplane from last night’s flight, an Embraer ERJ-190, “Mi Corazon Azul,” N307JB.

I sat next to a gentleman who was returning home after visiting his son to help with a project. It was a great conversation indeed. As it turns out he lives in the same town in which I did my Masters.

Meal from Rochester, NY to Orlando, FL

We were out of there at 7:01p after leaving the gate early. It was already light out and one could see all the frost as we reached for the skies. I’m a pro at jetBlue’s offerings now and chose tea and water with some Animal cookie, my favorite. I wanted some cashew nuts as well, but I don’t think the lady heard me.

I fell asleep as I was really tired, but awoke for the landing into Orlando International at 9:16a and was at the gate at 9:24a. I said my goodbyes and exited what was a pretty decent flight.

Orlando International airport
As I’d been here last week, I knew exactly where to go to plug in my computer and phone.  I checked e-mail, checked out the photos I had taken as well as information about Newburgh airport as it concerns ground transportation.

Soon, it was time to board flight 576 at gate 101.  I had a window seat on this one and my efforts to get a better seat were rebuffed by the gate agent when I asked.

Once onboard N629JB, “Bright Lights, Blue City” an Airbus A320, I took my middle seat.  Soon, a couple arrived, the wife taking the window seat and the husband the aisle.  In a few minutes, the wife asked me if I wanted the window or the aisle.  I chose the window of course.  What a nice couple.

We then chatted for a bit about a similar situation I had on a flight from Sydney, Australia to Vancouver, BC Canada.  On that occasion, the couple talked across me the entire 14.5 hours!  It was a nightmare flight.

We closed up at 11:34a , six minutes early and headed out for the runway taking off at 11:44a.  It was a great flight up to Newburgh with LiveTV as well as cookies, chips and cashew nuts plus some drink.

It was beautiful seeing Newburgh as we started our descent.  One could also see the Hudson River off in the distance.  It was 2:10p when we touched down.

Kuwait Airways govt. Airbus A310 at Newburgh, NY (SWF)

I could see a Kuwait Airways govt. Airbus A310 airplane at the old terminal.  It seemed so huge next to everything else.  We pulled up to the gate at 2:14p.

I deplaned and headed out to the arrivals area. I made my way outside and found the bus stop.  The next bus was at 4:57p which won’t work.  I went back inside and asked the clerk about alternate means of transportation.  She indicated that it was necessary to take a cab to the Beacon train station.  The next train was at 2:57, but I was not going to make that one.  Instead I had to wait for the 3:57p.

The cab showed up eventually.  Apparently, they cannot wait at the airport due to some issues they had a few years back.

The cabbie was pretty cool and laid back.  We chatted all the way to Beacon as he told me about his town.  Adding that the guy with the TV show about the choppers was just up the road.

At the station, I bought my $13.00 ticket to Grand Central station and waited.

Have you been to Newburgh, NY?  What are your thoughts on Newburgh, NY?

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