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Who is Kerwin?

So Why Should you Trust Me?

  • 129 Countries Visited
  • Average about 220,000 Miles Flown each Year; maxed at 515,000 one year
  • 179 Airlines Flown
  • More than 300 Airports visited
I know a little about travel and am willing to share that knowledge with you.
Kerwin in Loreto, Mexico
Kerwin in Loreto, Mexico


One of the famous stories in the airline industry, is that the idea for Southwest Airlines (WN) was conceived on a napkin. Well, Cruisinaltitude.com was conceived at 37,000′ over southern Paris at 10:20 a.m. on May 29, 1997 on the back of a piece of paper with the map of France on it.  I was going to see a friend from college.  The site has evolved over the years and today, it provides travel tips for travelers like yourself.  Here’s the current mission and vision:


To ensure you have a stress-free trip by providing travel tips, guides and industry insights.


To build the premier place on the Internet for travelers to learn about the rest of the world and receive travel tips on how to make their trips less stressful.

About the founder

I’m an airline travel geek who left the airlines in June 2011 after 16.5 years in the industry.  I’ve worked for Delta, ATA and Continental Airlines.  To top it off, I also hold a Masters degree in Aeronautical Sciences from “Harvard of the Skies,” Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.  Today, I’m a nomad living with friends as they’ll have me while providing travel tips to you.

I still remembers my first airplane flight in the summer of 1974 as if it were yesterday. It was on a Cessna SkyMaster from the Tinson Pen Aerodrome in Kingston, Jamaica, to Boscobel, Jamaica, lasting a little under two hours.  I was elated as my dream to fly on an airplane had finally come true!

My first commercial airplane flight was during the summer of 1980 on BWIA (now Caribbean Airlines), from Kingston, Jamaica (KIN), to Fort-de-France, Martinique (FDF).  I spent 17 days there as a French Exchange student.  On my way back, I stopped in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti (PAP), for two days.  The flight bug had bit me, there’s no turning back now.

Today, I fly as often as I can, sometimes just for the sake of being in the air and around an airport or an airplane. My itineraries take me all over the globe.