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All you can jet – the next weekend's routing is booked albeit boring

Houston, TX Wed. 23 Sep. 2009.  I got on the phone with jetBlue in order to book the final two new airports on my list Aguadilla, PR (BQN) and Long Beach, CA (LGB).  I had a fantastic itinerary that would have me flying all day on Saturday and easily logging the last two airports.

Unfortunately, the New York-John F. Kennedy, NY (JFK) to Long Beach, CA (LGB) flight at 3:45p on Sat. is booked solid.  In addition, the one at 2:30p which goes via Las Vegas, NV (LAS) only gives me a 26 mins connecting time from my Aguadilla, PR (BQN) flight.

I can’t risk a misconnect as @jetBlue is really strict about missing flights and re-booking.  Apparently, if you miss a flight you have to wait three days to re-book.  How silly is that!  So with that said, the next weekend’s routing is booked albeit a boring one:

  1. Austin, TX (AUS) to Long Beach, CA (LGB) 26 Sep. 2009
  2. LGB to Oakland, CA (OAK) 26 Sep. 2009
  3. OAK to New York-John F. Kennedy, NY (JFK) 27 Sep. 2009

Are you jetting off somewhere for the weekend?

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