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All you can jet – From Grand Central Terminal to JFK Airport in 29 minutes

Inside Grand Central Station, New York, NYNew York, NY 19 Sep., 2009. I got off the train and headed for the exit. Grand Central station is truly grand with is super high ceiling which bears a very large American flag. It is really overwhelming, so I stopped for only a moment to enjoy it as I was really pressed for time wondered how long it would take to get from Grand Central Terminal to JFK Airport.

After snapping back to reality, I started looking for signs to the trains. It was a bit confusing and overwhelming, but eventually, I saw a sign to the NYC Subway. There I checked my routing which seemed a bit complicated and time consuming. I did not even see any signs for for to get to the Long Island Railroad whech would have taken me to Jamaica Station where I can catch the JFK AirTrain to the airport.

A bit annoyed, I headed for the streets deciding to take the bus which left from just outside the station. The lady told me that there would be one at 5:40p which was perfect. I bought my 13 USD ticket and waited in line with about four others.

The Met Life Bldg (formerly the Pan Am Bldg.) atop Grand Central Station, New York, NYThe bus showed up late at 5:45p and we left at 5:55p.  We got stuck in traffic a little as we went through the Midtown Tunnel as we left Manhattan for Queens, NY.  There was also traffic on as we passed by Astoria, Queens.  The driver took the service road at this point, making only minimal stops or slow downs.  Before I knew it, I arrived at JFK Terminal 7 at 6:24p!  This was pretty impressive.  As Terminal 5 was just two terminals away, I disembarked, tipping the driver as I did so and made my way to Terminal 5.  So I went from Grand Central Terminal to JFK Airport in 29 minutes.

What’s the longest has it ever taken you to complete this journey?

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