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Why Do You Hate The Airlines?

An old archway of a church outside of Dublin, IrelandA day does not pass with a news story about someone who reports they’ve had a bad experience on an airline. Or someone goes ballistic or are stranded at an airport due to a cancellation, sometimes weather-related. Yup, this week its bad weather in Europe delaying flights. I even have friends who are stuck in the Midlands, U.K. So the reason for this post is for you to tell me “why do you hate the airlines?”

As a disclaimer, I worked in the airline industry from 1994 until June 2011 primarily in the Customer Satisfaction area. I started on the ramp loading bags in the cargo hold and when I left the industry, after stints in Route Planning, Revenue Management, Distribution, Ecommerce and Marketing ended up helping customers when they have issues. You know the ones that you now see all over the Internet. So I get it. I’ve heard the best stories and the worst stories. Some are funnier than others. People are very creative sometimes.

However, I do believe that some customers want a little too much at times; i.e. their expectations are out of line. I mean, if you paid only a few dollars for your ticket, then that’s the level of service you should expect. Many airlines go above and beyond that. Others just that. This is the same as in most other industry I think.

Also, I read where customers complain about the service on low cost carriers; really what were you expecting? They give you the full details on what to do and because you did not follow those instructions, the airline sucks. Well that is just not fair. I know that most people don’t read the rules as most people don’t even know what is the Contract of Carriage, do you? this is the document you agreed to once you bought your airline ticket. I’ve flown those low cost carriers, followed the rules and no issues. Some of the rules are quite ridiculous and crazy, but I wanted cheap so I complied.

wavesSome people spend all their money on shopping and then expect the airlines to allow them to take their overweight bag at no extra charge. Remember that the airline is a business with expenses just like any other. So plan ahead and manage your expenses.

Now, I do agree that some airlines are not as good as others, but that is the business. Customer service is tough. But as consumers you do have to be held accountable as well. It is not a one way street.

I’ve had my bags delayed, heck, my mom had an airline lose her bag and I went through the painstaking process of making a claim. A little less demanding than filling out an insurance claim, but close. Yes, the system could do with some overhaul.

I know you may not be happy about this post, if that’s the case, leave a comment below, please tell me why do you hate the airlines? I’d love to understand where you are coming from. You see where I’m coming from here.

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