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What happened to the TSA Airport Wait Times?

The Albuquerque Airport in Albuquerque, NM

Houston, TX 20 Oct. 2009.  I am doing some research for my free “I will teach you to travel” mini-course (you can subscribe to the right) and when I checked the TSA’s Web site about airport wait times, I got this message:

“The Wait Time Calculator is currently under construction. We apologize for the inconvenience while we are working to make the tool more user friendly.”

Other Web sites linking to it says:

 “We are sorry but our security wait times application is unavailable at this time. The TSA is currently not publishing this information. Once this information becomes available again, we will re-introduce this feature”

I wonder how long it’s been down?  Anyone knows? If you are looking for this information you can check with your airline’s Web site for details.

Remember to give yourself enough time to get to the airport.  As a general rule, I’ll try to arrive at the airport 1.5 hours before the scheduled departure of my domestic flight.   If you are checking bags and going international, give yourself more time.  As usually you have a one hour cut off time to have your bags checked in.  At worst, I can hang out in the airport/airline lounge :-).

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  1. It’s been “under construction” since at least May 2009, if not longer. It’s annoying that it still doesn’t work now. 🙁

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