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This Week’s App: Hotel Tonight

This Week's App: Hotel TonightEver since Hotel Tonight was launched, I’ve been using it; I’ve gotten some good deals from time to time. It’s the perfect App for my travels as it shows last minute hotels available in a particular city. It’s actually great to play with it and see the prices of the hotels changes from the morning to the afternoon.

When it was first developed, it only allowed 24 hour bookings, now you can book 7 days out.

This Week's App: Hotel TonightlogoPrice: Free | Available for: IOS | Android


Once you download the App, its time to use it when you are in a city it serves and need a hotel at the last minute.



This Week's App - Hotel Tonight - Home Page

When you open the App, it either remembers the last city you requested or shows you where you are located. In this case, I had last booked a room in Las Vegas, so that’s what’s displayed. It’s great to see the prices as they are usually lower than the normal rates.


This Week's App - Hotel Tonight Montego Bay Results


If you search for a city that is not yet served, you get a nice message that they are not yet ready.


This Week's App - Hotel Tonight - This Weekend


They’ve added a feature that looks for weekend getaways so it helps you if you are looking for a place to go over the weekend.


This Week's App - Hotel Tonight - Share The Love


Each account is given a code so you can share the love as they call it. If your friends use this code when they sign up and for their first booking they get a $25 credit and so do you. There is a minimum value though for the hotel booked.


This Week's App - Hotel Tonight - Credits


There’s also a screen that keeps track of your credits for you.


This Week's App - Hotel Tonight -Track Rates London

One cool feature they’ve added is you can track rates at hotels. Just click on the Track Rates icon when you view the city you wish to stay. They it will notify you via the App that the rates have changed. Useful if you want to start checking the price in the morning and then book in the afternoon.

So, what do you think? Have you ever used it? What’s your favorite Go to App in this category? Please leave a comment below.

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