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Travel Tip Tuesday: Watch What You Eat When You Travel

Travel Tip Tuesday: Watch What You Eat When You Travel

Travel Tip Tuesday for 20 Mar. 2012

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Welcome to another episode of Travel Tip Tuesday, this is Kerwin with Cruisinaltitude.com.

Today, we’re gonna be talking about “Eating When You Travel.”

And just some tips on what you should do when you eat while traveling.

Now, this is Bubbletea, a local, well not really local, I think it actually was made in or came about in I think, Taiwan?  Or someplace in Asia.

And good stuff.

But ah, so here’s tip #1.

Drink bottled water if you’re not sure if you can drink the water in the country you’re visiting.  The coolest thing to do is just go ask the Concierge or the hotel front desk person.  They’ll tell you.  But if you’re unsure, just get bottled water.

Ah, the next thing to do is that the types of food, and that was just an airplane passing by.

But ah, [birds chirping], when you go out, usually if you eat cooked food, it should be O.K.  But I gotta tell you.

The Great Wall of China at MutianyuI was in China once, went out for dinner and ah, the food was delicious and then what happen was I’m heading back home and I spent the last few hours of the flight in the washroom.

Not fun.

Ah, same thing when I went to Mexico, I had some street food and but that one I got sick almost immediately.   So it just depends on your stomach and you can go out with a group of five and you’re the only person who got sick and nobody else got sick.

So it just depends on what you eat.  But the key is that water is usually the thing that ah, hits you.

Ah, but just be careful, if you see something that looks like its not prepared in your mind hygienically, then just don’t eat it.  You know that’s typically how it goes.

So just be careful what you eat when you travel and ah, and you know, it should help you with all the gastro stuff.

So this is Kerwin with Cruisinaltitude.com have a great trip and just watch what you eat when you travel.

If your mind says its not gonna be good, then just don’t have it.

Have a great flight and have some good eats.  Talk to you soon.

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