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Travel Tip Tuesday: Offer To Take A Picture If Travelers Need It

Travel Tip Tuesday for 10 January 2012.

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It’s Tuesday, so it must be time for Travel Tip Tuesday from Cruisinaltitude.com.

This is Kerwin and I’m up here in Portland, OR.  Behind me, you can see I-84 and also those mountains you see in the back is actually Washington state and I’m actually in Oregon state.

That river I think is the Columbia River that separates the two.

Well when you travel and you meet other people and if they are taking pictures of each other such as a couple and ones taking pictures of the other, just offer to take the picture of them together.

Now people are going to be skeptical ‘cause you know, there are stories of people running off with other people’s camera.  But usually if you have a camera over your shoulder or your friendly enough, people will allow you to take a picture of them.  Just be nice, say hello, say hey you know do you mind if I take the picture or would you like me to take a picture of you both.

And usually, they’ll say Yes if you don’t look threatening.

That’s another travel tip from Cruisinaltitude.com for Travel Tip Tuesday.

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