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Travel Tip Tuesday: Alternate Things To Do in Las Vegas

Travel Tip Tuesday for 21 Feb. 2012
Las Vegas from Above - Las Vegas, NV





This is Kerwin with Cruisinaltitude.com and welcome to another episode of Travel Tip Tuesday.

Welcome To Las Vegas Sign - Las VegasAs you can see I’m wearing a “Las Vegas” T-shirt. Have you been to Las Vegas?

Great place. So today I’m just going to give you some alternate things that you can do when you head to Las Vegas as opposed to going gambling.

So Las Vegas is one of the coolest places, you can actually drink beer or alcohol while you walk on the Strip. What they call the Las Vegas Strip.

Now, O.K. so the first thing:

When you get to the airport, they have these little shuttle vans that will take you to your destination but if you don’t wanna pay that money, you can take, its like about $6.50 now, you know, its not bad, but if you want to try to save money, there’s a local bus that you can actually take. Just follow the signs to where they have the hotel-operated shuttle pickups (hotel shuttle) and the bus is actually at the end. The schedule and everything is on there so you can take a look.

Las Vegas Strip Bus - Las Vegas, NVIf you buy a day pass, that day pass can get you to your destination as well as take you down the Strip, there’s a bus that runs down the Strip. Its about $5 bucks I think it is.

Now so once you are in, on the Strip, you don’t have to stay on the Strip… if it’s your first time, you should stay on the Strip. If it’s not your first time, then you can stay off the Strip and still have a good time and the hotels are cheaper.

Also, if you stay on like Sunday, Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, you can get a spectacular rate. I mean, I once stayed at the Excalibur for like $28 a night and that was the first night, the second night was about $65 and because there was a convention in town, the next day the price went up ridiculously. But you can stay off the Strip for not too much. Check our partner’s Web site when you are ready to go.

The other thing to do is if you’re into roller coasters. Las Vegas has three (well four, the other is at Circus, Circus Hotel) roller coasters: One is at New York, New York, pretty awesome. The other is at the other end of the Strip at somewhere called the Stratosphere. Now here’s the cool thing about this one. It, if you look at the Stratosphere, its like this really tall tower and it goes up like this. The roller coaster goes on the outside of that. Pretty awesome stuff. So check that out.

Now, if you rent a car, you can go out towards the California/Nevada border and there’s a hotel out there and there’s also a roller coaster out there so definitely go and check that out.

The other thing to do if you have a car is go check out Hoover Dam. Hoover Dam is amazing and its sits right on the border of I guess that’s Nevada and Arizona. And the cool thing is that you get the one hour time difference ‘as Nevada is one hour behind and you can straddle the line.

Hoover Dam - Las Vegas, NVIt’s (the Dam/River) actually losing quite a bit of water. You can see by the white, the white area, when you go you will see exactly what I mean. You can see that there’s a water level and there’s a white area above and the white line is where the water used to be. So its quite tragic that so much water is, ah the dam is losing so much water, well the river is losing so much water.

So, ah I think that’s kind of the other cool stuff that you can do. There’s also a bunch of shows in Las Vegas of course which is the norm. One thing to check out is “O”. “O” is one of those Cirque de Soleil shows, awesome stuff.

Bellagio Fountain in Las Vegas - Las Vegas, NVAlso, when you walk down the Strip, there is a, the ah, what’s the name of it now… ahh… ahhh… the Bellagio. Awesome, totally awesome. I think they go off like very hour maybe very half hour and its spectacular.

Try to see it at night and also try to go see it in the daytime. Really, really good stuff.

So, ah, ah, that’s it. Go enjoy Las Vegas. This is Kerwin with Cruisinaltitude.com, have a great trip out there and let me know how it goes. Talk to you soon.

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