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Top 23 Things That Annoyed Me During My Travels In 2016

In 2016, I traveled 116 segments on eight airlines including a helicopter, a bus and a few rented cars. In total, I visited 13 countries. I enjoy people and how we interact with each other. But I must be getting old as there were certainly some unusual behaviors in 2016. So here are the top 23 things that annoyed me during my travels in 2016. Maybe you can relate :-).

1. People who don’t use tongs in the Airline clubs. The tongs are there for a reason folks. Remember you are not the only clube member and whobble knows where your hands were before you arrived at the food.

2. People who don’t use headsets when watching videos or listening to music on their phone. O.K. people, what’s funny to you may be annoying to others. Be mindful, use your headsets.

3. People who take forever in the restrooms on the planes. Be considerate folks.

4. People who get up while taxiing to the gate even though we arrived early. This is just plane dangerous. If the Captain happens to hit that brake hard to avoid something you are going for a dive and taking other unsuspecting passengers with you. There is a reason why the seatbelt sign is illuminated. Please observe it. Plus, we are early, what’s your rush?

5. People who are so important they can’t end that call when told to shut down the phone just before departure. I’ve seen this happen so many times its not funny. If it’s that important, take the next flight or buy in-flight Wifi and text or email the person.

6. People who claim their animals are comfort animals as they don’t want to pay the in cabin pet fee. Look, I get it that some people need a little help due to flight anxiety. And this rant is not about people who need service animals. But in 2016, I saw an increase in animals in the airports and on flights and people are using the comfort animals angle more often than ever. Unless you actually need comfort on a flight, please don’t claim your animal is for comfort, if they are not. That’s just not right.

7. People who take 1/2 a bagel. Who do you expect to take the other half?

8. People who think that the overhead space above their seat is for their use only. I kid you not, I boarded a flight once and saw two passengers arguing and this was the reason. One guy said “this is my seat and you (pointing to the other guy), can’t place your bag above it as I want to put my bag there. For a peaceful flight, the guy moved his bag. As an FYI, you can place your bag anywhere in the overhead bins in the cabin in which you are sitting. A tip for you though is to place your bag above the seat across from you or in an overhead bin that’s ahead of you, so you can keep an eye on it.

9. People who hog the arm rest when I get the middle seat. Be nice, I already have the not so nice seat on the plane. Don’t plant your arm on the entire armrest. For the record, I won’t argue with you, I’ll just sit forward.

10. People who wear their pants (trousers for my British friends) on or below their hips and hobble through the airport. Look, I don’t need to see your underwear, pull up those pants.

11. People who travel with fragile items and place them in the overhead bins. Then complain when someone puts their stuff next to it. I don’t even know what to say about this.

12. People who don’t shower before getting on the flight. Please, please, do a little personal hygiene before you enter a public space. Your fellow passengers will appreciate it. And don’t wear your pyjamas onto the flight and also leave the bed slippers by the bedside at home.

13. People who don’t remove the neck pillow after landing. Just so you know, you look ridiculous walking through the airport with the neck pillow around your neck.

14. People who don’t help their kids to get meals at the airport club. Kids tend to think everything is a game. Getting food in a public buffet it not the place to play a game. I can’t tell you how many times I see the kids dip their whole hand into a bowl or take stuff out and put it back. Parents, I know you are showing your children how to be self-sufficient, but it does not mean you can’t supervise them.

15. People who don’t respond to my hellos when I sit next to them on a flight. It’s a common courtesy to just acknowledge a greeting. We don’t have to have a conversation, but just say hello back.

16. People who stand in the way on the moving walkways or escalators and look at you strange when you try to past them. If you’re going to stand, that’s O.K., just move to one side so others can pass you.

17. People who don’t board when their Group numbers are called. Look, even though you hate the system, you are holding up the process for others. Just board when it’s your turn and don’t stand in the way of others that are ahead of you.

18. People who talk loudly in public. No one needs to know your business, please keep it down. I was on a flight once and this guy gave out his entire credit card details on the phone. I really wanted to write it all down and give it to him, but I refrained. Everyone in the back of the plane heard him.

19. People who close the windows on the plane as soon as they sit down. What is the point of this? Why not just sit in the aisle or the middle seat. Most non-U.S. airlines require that all window shades are open during takeoffs and landings, so that’s a savior. And thank goodness for the 787 windows! But if you are sitting at the window, there are responsibilities that come with this and one of them is that you keep that window open.

20. People who look at you strange when you take the open middle seat next to them. O.K. folks, you only paid for one seat, if you really wanted two, you can actually purchase it. Most airlines do offer that option. Interestingly enough, a lady apologized to me once for being so mean to me when I sit in the middle seat. We then had a great conversation the entire flight.

21. People from the TSA who backhand grope you even though you took out the item from your pocket that triggered the additional screening. Come on TSA, you can treat us with a little more respect here. Please review your procedures.

22. People who hog the empty middle seat. Seriously, why can’t it be shared? Be nice to your fellow passengers.

23. People who schedule 5:05a flights. I get it, but that’s so early! So much for partying and sleeping in late.

I’m sure you have some of your own, please leave them in the comments below and also if you like this post and/or can identify with it, please share it with your family and friends.

Happy travels in 2017.

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23 Things Things That Annoyed Me During My Travels In 2016

11 thoughts on “Top 23 Things That Annoyed Me During My Travels In 2016

  1. I fully agree with the perfume and aftershave comment. I have terrible allergies. Perfume resulted in a severe migraine which ruined my trip. I was sick for 3 days, even with taking my strong prescription medicines.

    1. Thanks.
      Sorry to hear Luisa. Most people just don’t know that the high perfume smells affect others. Or maybe they don’t care :-).
      Good luck on the next flight.


  2. People in an aisle seat who put their foot on the arm rest of the seat in front of them, even when that seat in front has a person sitting in it.

  3. People who let their kids run wild in the airport (or on the plane). I know it takes a village to raise those kids, but it should be a voluntary village, not villagers who have to intervene because you need to talk on your phone.

  4. People who try to stuff a gigantic bag in the overhead bin that clearly should have been checked in the first place. Part 2: People who put everything in the overhead bin when they’re not sitting in a bulkhead seat.

    Although I agree about not owning the overhead space above your seat, I get annoyed with the person who is seated in row 30 dumping their bag in the overhead bin near row 8 so that they don’t have to drag it to the back with them. Makes it harder for the person in row 8 who now has to put his bag back near row 15. Trying to get one’s bag from behind is like swimming upstream.

    1. Hi Polly,

      Well said. And I do agree that the bulkhead is the exception as you have no other place to put your stuff and if you put it in further down, on landing no one will let you go get it. So well said.


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