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Top 10 Things You Should Do to Avoid Being Arrested At Any Border

Trying to Get Into France from Switzerland in Basel, Switzerland (BSL)I saw the video (well listened to the audio) below on YouTube and thought it worthy of posting the Top 10 Things You Should Do to Avoid being Arrested at any Border.

But first, this: when you are going to a foreign country, the border patrol officers do not have to let you enter the country once you arrive on their soil.  Getting a visa is only a first step in the process.  You still have to pass the interview that you receive once you actually enter the country whether by air, land or sea.  It is especially more stringent for those countries where a visa is not required as a condition of entry.

Here are some steps to take to help you mitigate getting sent back home or any embarrassment:

  1. Answer all the questions being asked by the Immigration Office truthfully and to the best of your knowledge
  2. Be respectful to the Officer
  3. Don’t be a smart ass; this will certainly get you deported or thrown into jail like the couple in the video
  4. Know the rules of entry into the country
    • If you need to show that you have a place to stay then ensure that you can do that
    • Don’t smuggle illegal items
    • Know your Duty Free limits by checking the country’s consulate Web site
  5. Don’t become irate even if you think the Officer is wrong
    • At every port of entry, there are supervisors, if you think you are not being treated properly remain calm and call a supervisor over
  6. Ensure you have the proper documentation for entry into the country
  7. Don’t sweat as its a dead give away that you are nervous about something, whatever that is
  8. Don’t put your travel document sin your mouth and then hand them to the Officer
    • This is just nasty, so don’t do it
  9. Follow the instructions given to you by the Officer
  10. Never resist or assault an Officer as for sure you WILL be tossed in jail!
Can you think of anything else that would help?  Please leave a comment below and share this article with your friends if you liked it.

One thought on “Top 10 Things You Should Do to Avoid Being Arrested At Any Border

  1. What a nasty son of a bitch! That officer deserves to die, he makes the US shameful.

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