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The Apple iPad – Is it a huge iPod Touch?


Apple's new iPad
San Francisco, CA. The Apple iPad was launched today. It looks O.K., but not sure if I will get one. If you don’t already have any kind of computing device and you travel a lot. I think this may be the device for you. But if you are like me with so many electronic devices when you travel, you may have to think about it. Let me know what you think via your comments below.

gdgt live did a great live feed at: http://live.gdgt.com/2010/01/27/live-apple-come-see-our-latest-creation-tablet-event-coverage/

You can watch the event in its entirety at http://events.apple.com.edgesuite.net/1001q3f8hhr/event/index.html

You can find details from the Apple Web site at http://www.apple.com/ipad.
If you want to get notified when the WiFi version is available (in 60 days) go here and sign up: http://www.apple.com/ipad/notify-me.
There are a ton of photos on Apple’s site at http://www.apple.com/ipad/gallery/


  • 1.5″ thick
  • 9.56″ high
  • 1.5lbs

21 thoughts on “The Apple iPad – Is it a huge iPod Touch?

  1. Well as an owner of an ipad I can say: it is a big iPod touch AND more. The larger screen is the key, new apps really shine with the extra screen space and the faster CPU. I have gotten to the point that for short trips I don’t bring a laptop with me anymore unless I know I will need the CPU power or specific applications that my laptop has. I also like it because I don’t have to take it put of my backpack for the TSA. Additionally it is a conversation starter like the Kindle is. As for lack of Flash it has not been that large of a hinderance, it is a pain some times but not a a deal breaker.

    1. Hiya Wiredforflight,
      Thanks fro the update. I’m glad that you like the iPad. I’m still waiting for future versions that hopefully will include a camera.

  2. i agree that it is like a big ipod touch. But it is way better, supposedly there making a bunch of new different apps that go with this entirely.

  3. The processor chip is described as a little bit newer model amount but it and also the GPU are likely the same pace as the 3GS. The old Contact with the similar CPU and GPU as the 3G was quicker. Besides having the clock pace turned up higher the Contact has much less software programs to run because it is not a telephone. It ought to do more than any iPhone to day in overall performance.

  4. In that case it will be a poor idea. Think about it, how will you hold it steady while you chat or Skype? Actually according to the Apple spec page you can attach a camera to the USB connecting port. But I wouldn’t do it.. Anyway I’m waiting till September when the next gen of this will appear with the missing pieces we need in it.

    1. It does come with a stand apparently so that will help the steady factor. I hear you about waiting to see what gives.

  5. Keep in mind that you are swinging around something the size of a magazine to take a picture of something…

    Would you?

    1. A good point Keith, you would look funny taking a picture with a camera as big as a magazine 🙂

      But I was thinking more like the camera taht is on the MacBook so that you can do Skype-type transmissions without having to buy an external one, which I don’t if it would work on the iPad.

  6. Ok here is my take.
    It is a 9.5″ iPod Touch. How ever it adds enough features that I will buy it. The ability to watch 8+ hours videos on a very nice screen on a long flight is great. I can then watch a movie in bed on in the hotel. Far better then watching on an iPhone or iPod Touch. The ability to add a keyboard and word processing software is very nice. I can see using my laptop and desktop to be doing video and photo editing and having email and chat running on the iPad. There is VPN software in the iPhone and Touch as well as VNC software so now i can look at ditching the laptop and work w/ my servers if i need to. It will NOT replace a full power laptop for anything but as a bridge device when traveling for fun, i think it will be a very cool device.

    Now thing of aviation apps like check lists that have photos, interactivity, weather etc. on a large screen, maybe even moving aviation flight maps.

    It will be great for portfolios of both video and photos for those with photo, video, and art backgrounds.

    This is more of an appliance more then a computer/tablet. As an appliance it will bring people who just want a simple device that will be a device that branches the gap between a phone/MP3 player and a laptop that is more confusing for people like my mom.

    How ever there are things that it is missing I want. Web cam being #1. I really really think that sucks that it does not have it. USB/SC card input being #2. The #2 thing will not work well unless you can access the drive directly and Apple does not allow that in a iPhone/Touch. Over all this I think will be a winner product.

    1. A fair assessment. Yes it is a good device for a plane it seems and most of the new entertainment systems have a USB port so charging will work well. I believe just like all Apple devices it will sell well. I may even get one for my mom.

      Oh yes, I agree that it could work well in the aviation arena as it would work well on a chair table; nothing to break when the person in front of you reclines unless you have that silly keyboard dock.

      Yup, and where the heck is the camera indeed? Really why? Is it just an unfinished product?

      1. Unfinished? No, you need to have a reason to get version 2. 😉 But w/ out a video cam it is puzzling, it would be great for video conferencing. Why have iWork and not iChat video?

        As for watching a movie i coach. It will be great compared to a laptop. 4×3 screen is kinda a bummer but thats ok in general.

          1. Sorry but I disagree that it was unfinished. Waiting 2 weeks or 4 months longer would not get a video cam in there. It was a purposeful choice by someone at Apple. Have to be able to up sell later.

  7. I’m seriously considering one, but only if they have support from text book publishers. If I can buy all of my textbooks for $25 or $50 each, instead of $300 each, in one year it will have paid for itself. But if I can only get the ones published by McGraw-Hill, and if they are the same price in digital format as they are in print, it won’t be worth it. I already have an iPod touch.

    1. RA, I totally understand where you are coming from. I have to think about whether or not I want to carry another device around with me or not. Already I carry around a PC, a MAC, my G1, and a DSLR camera; I don’t think I have room for the iPad, do you?

      1. Ditch the PC and use Bootcamp/Paralleles on the Mac, no reason to have both at all. Also depending on what you are doing (say only going to check email and that) you can ditch the PC and Mac and just use the iPad. But no, this is not a laptop.

    2. Is there a way to stop Apple deleting books from your account? A couple of weeks ago Amazon deleted a book from customer’s Kindles without informing them, becasue they did not have the rights to sell – OK they gave the money back but it is a real eye opener. The power exists, now imagine how easy it is to censor in the future. No more book buring, just remove them with one click and no more Slaughterhouse Five.

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