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Travel Tip Tuesday: Always Read and Be Familiar with the Contract of Carriage for your Airline

Contract of Carriage
Travel Tip Tuesday for October 11, 2011 I wanted to update this post in light of recent news as well as my friends telling me about their flight experiences all the time. One thing too is that if you are asked by the airline to leave the flight, just do so. You can argue later, but the flight crew is responsible for the flight and if they ask you to get off, you have to do it. Even if you think...
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Top 10 Suggestions To The TSA So They Stop Ruining Our Flying Experience

Dear TSA Administrator (John S. Pistole), First, let me say that I understand that you have a job to do and I'm glad its your job and not mine.  Thank you for performing it.  However, as a traveler, I'd love to just go the airport and get to my flight in a timely and professional manner; I know that you and your agents can make this dream a reality despite the things that the average person tries...
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Top 10 Things You Should Do to Avoid Being Arrested At Any Border

I saw the video (well listened to the audio) below on YouTube and thought it worthy of posting the Top 10 Things You Should Do to Avoid being Arrested at any Border. But first, this: when you are going to a foreign country, the border patrol officers do not have to let you enter the country once you arrive on their soil.  Getting a visa is only a first step in the process.  You still have to pass...
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Travel Tip Tuesday: Don’t Forget To Fill ‘Er Up

Travel Tip Tuesday for Tuesday, October 4, 2011 This is Kerwin with Cruisinaltitude.com and its time for Travel Tip Tuesday! I'm here in Cascade Locks in Oregon and behind me, you can see right there, is what's called the "Bridge of the Gods."  This bridge joins Washington state with Oregon state at Cascade Locks. Today's Travel Tip is about putting gas in that rented car. So I'm...
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Travel Tip: Go for a walk on a Sunday morning

One of the things I've found while traveling is that people hate waking up on a Sunday morning.  What this means is that you can see the sights without almost anyone around.  This makes for much nice pictures if all you want is just to a picture of the landmarks.  Also, if you get out early enough you can get some really great sunrise pictures. So on your next vacation, get up early on a Sunday m...
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