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Travel Tip Tuesday: Take Your Assigned Seats on the Trains When Traveling in the UK

Travel Tip Tuesday 17 Jul 2012 It always annoys me when I board a train and someone is sitting in my seat on an assigned seating train.  I was on a train yesterday and there was a lady sitting in these guys' seats.  They had tickets for the train but refused to sit where they are assigned.  Today's Travel Tip Tuesday addresses this issue. [youtube width="853" height="480"]http://www.youtube.com/...
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All you can jet – Rochester to Orlando and back up to Newburgh, NY all in a day

Rochester, NY Sun. 20 Sep. 2009.  For some reason, I awoke at 4:39a, noticing the clock, I went back to sleep, but was awakened by the requested wake up call at 4:45a. My G-1 mobile phone alarmed a little later as the room clock was off by a few minutes it seems. I got ready and made it downstairs for the shuttle to the airport. I greeted the front desk clerk who said he is the driver and will be...
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