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Travel Tip Tuesday: Ensure You Have the Proper Documentation for International Travel

Travel Tip Tuesday for 6 Mar. 2012 [youtube width="853" height="480"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JdqCE3hi-a0[/youtube]           Welcome to another episode of Travel Tip Tuesday, this is Kerwin with Cruisinaltitude.com Today, we’re gonna talk about “Having Your Proper Documentation for International Travel.” Always make sure you have your visa, passport and you...
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Top 10 Things You Should Do to Avoid Being Arrested At Any Border

I saw the video (well listened to the audio) below on YouTube and thought it worthy of posting the Top 10 Things You Should Do to Avoid being Arrested at any Border. But first, this: when you are going to a foreign country, the border patrol officers do not have to let you enter the country once you arrive on their soil.  Getting a visa is only a first step in the process.  You still have to pass...
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When you travel internationally, what do you do with your passport?

I travel quite a bit internationally and safety is always my top concern.  I love people, but I'm on my guard when I travel.  For the most part people are trustworthy, but it's that one or two people that spoils it. I was in the Charles de Gaulle, Paris France train station once and while giving a guy directions, his friend tried to rob my travel companion's purse. Totally not cool. Luckily she...
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U.S. Passport Fees are increasing come July 13, 2010

On July 13, 2010, the U.S. Passport Office will increase its prices.  So if you want to save some money you'd better hurry up and renew or apply for that passport.  Here is the skinny on the changes: Passport Fees                                                                                                        Current                                 New Passport Book - adult $ 100.00 $ 1...
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