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What Should I Do If My Flight Is Cancelled Due To Winter Storm Jonas

Winter storm Jonas 2016 Jan New York from the Air
Old man winter has arrived in the Northeast United States with a vengeance in the name of Jonas. As a result many flights and other modes of transportation are affected. So what should I do if my flight is cancelled due to winter storm Jonas? Well, let me tell you. I've included some links below to the airlines, buses and trains serving the Northeast, so scroll down to see them. There's ...
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Travel Tip Tuesday: How To Get Broadway Show Tickets On The Cheap In New York

Travel Tip Tuesday 28 August 2012 If you've ever visited New York and not seen a Broadway show you totally missed out. This week Travel Tip Tuesday talks about how to get Broadway show tickets on the cheap when you are in New York. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fKK_gYY5qlM    
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Will Hurricane Irene Affect My Travel Plans?

A category 2 hurricane named Hurricane Irene is headed for the north eastern U.S. at the moment.  So you're perhaps wondering how will the hurricane affect your travel plans? The airports, airlines and public transit systems are busy figuring out the best strategy to keep their employees and property safe and keep the operations on schedule so you can make it to our destination safely. The key i...
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