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How do I add extra pages to my existing passport?

I've visited over 100 countries and have gone through two U.S. passports (now on my third).  Immigration officers get annoyed when they leaf through my passport as it takes them a while to find a blank page, but they are are there :-).  I've had to add pages to the first two before they expired and I'm sure I'll have to do the same to the existing one.  Yeah, I'm a travel-aholic. I'm frequently a...
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What is Global Entry and why you need it

Houston, TX 23 Nov. 2009.  A little over a year ago, I was coming back from a trip to Europe and when I got to the Houston-Intercontinental Airport I saw a leaflet that talked about a program called Global Entry.  What is Global Entry and why would I need it I thought? I had just spent about twenty minutes in line and hated it.  This leaflet promised expedition through Immigration which I'm all a...
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