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Travel Tip Tuesday: How To Get Back On Track After A Weather-Related Travel Disruption

Travel Tip Tuesday 30 October, 2012 With Hurricane Sandy wrecking havoc on transportation of all forms in the Northeastern U.S., I thought Travel Tip Tuesday should address what to do when your travel plans are disrupted due to weather as it is now with Hurricane Sandy. This video is a little longer than usual, but it thoroughly explains what you should expect from your travel provider at this ...
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What Should I Do If My Flight Is Affected By Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy is set to come ashore in the Northeastern United States and have already wrecked havoc to many of your travel schedules.  The Hurricane has been around for a bit as it passed through the Caribbean creating damage as it made its way northward. I won't recreate the wheel with a list of resources, but just point to you my friend Johnny Jet's Web site and his Hurricane Sandy Resourc...
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Will Hurricane Irene Affect My Travel Plans?

A category 2 hurricane named Hurricane Irene is headed for the north eastern U.S. at the moment.  So you're perhaps wondering how will the hurricane affect your travel plans? The airports, airlines and public transit systems are busy figuring out the best strategy to keep their employees and property safe and keep the operations on schedule so you can make it to our destination safely. The key i...
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Earthquake reported in Virginia, in terms of my travel plans, what do I do now?

CNN is reporting that an earthquake of magnitude 5.9 hit the Virginia area today.  This may affect travel in the Northeastern United States. What does this mean for you as a traveler? As in any situation of this nature, first, don't pick up the phone and call your airline as more than likely the phone lines will be busy.  Instead, check their web sites, facebook fan pages and twitter for the late...
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