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This Week’s App: Hotel Tonight

This Week's App: Hotel Tonight
Ever since Hotel Tonight was launched, I've been using it; I've gotten some good deals from time to time. It's the perfect App for my travels as it shows last minute hotels available in a particular city. It's actually great to play with it and see the prices of the hotels changes from the morning to the afternoon. When it was first developed, it only allowed 24 hour bookings, now you can book ...
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26 Expensive Hotel Rooms Around The World For New Year’s 2016

26 Expensive Hotel Rooms Worldwide for New Year's 2016
Each year I try to spend the first day of the New Year in a different country. I've been doing this for many years now and still enjoy it. In 2014, it was Hong Kong, 2015 was Singapore and 2016 is still unknown. It is such a fun experience as you get to experience the different cultures. There can be very expensive hotels though as you will see with this round up of 26 expensive hotels around the ...
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Travel Tip Tuesday: Book Your Hotel Close To Where You Want to Be

Travel Tip Tuesday for 17 Jan., 2012 [youtube width="853" height="480"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WqvdvpKUIgo[/youtube] Welcome to another episode of Travel Tip Tuesday. This is Kerwin with Cruisinaltitude.com. When you’re booking a… Today’s Travel Tip is about booking hotels. When you’re booking hotels, one of the key thing is to ensure that its actually close to where you want to get t...
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Travel Tip Tuesday: Join the Hotel Loyalty Programs

Travel Tip Tuesday for Tuesday December 20, 2011 [youtube width="853" height="480"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UiFPIAXPGsA[/youtube]   Welcome to another episode of Travel Tip Tuesday. This is Kerwin with Cruisinaltitude.com. Today's tip is going to be about Hotels. (Join the hotels Loyalty Programs). So, when you travel, its always good that you are a member of the Frequent Stayer P...
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