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Wanna Take A Bus To The Plane?

United Airlines Introduces Bus Service from Breckenridge and Fort Collins to Denver Taking a bus to a plane is nothing new in the aviation industry. Currently, you can actually "fly" from Allentown, PA (ABE) to Newark-Liberty (EWR) on a bus though. I actually flew that route many years back. I boarded the bus at the curve and drove to Newark and was dropped off at the curb. Fast forward to...
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Why You Should Get A Rotterdam Welcome Card When Visiting Rotterdam, Netherlands

Travel Tip Tuesday 21 May, 2013 Welcome to another episode of Travel Tip Tuesday, this is Kerwin with Cruisinaltitude.com. In this week's episode we talk about why you should get a Rotterdam Welcome Card when visiting Rotterdam, Netherlands. Watch now! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uWMoxK-utpw   Disclosure: I received a welcome card from the Rotterdam Tourist Board. It does no...
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Travel Tip Tuesday: How To Get From The Belgrade Airport To The City Of Belgrade

Travel Tip Tuesday 23 October 2012 Have you ever been to Belgrade, Serbia?  Well, you should and if you do here's how to get from the Nikola Tesla International Airport to the city of Belgrade.  Basically, you can either take the bus or the bus :-).  Watch the video to find out how its all done.  Please leave a comment below if you've traveled this route before or you just have questions. ht...
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Travel Tip Tuesday: How To Get From The Istanbul Airport To The City of Istanbul, Turkey

Travel Tip Tuesday October 16, 2012 This week, Travel Tip Tuesday tells you how to get from the Ataturk  Airport to the city Istanbul.  Depending on how much time you have to get into the city, will help you to decide the best mode of transportation.  It's tyically the bus or the train, but watch the video for full details. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LWxdD4r7ynQ
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Travel Tip Tuesday: How To Get Around In Berlin, Germany

Travel Tip Tuesday 4 September 2012 Berlin is a fantastic city rich with history, so during my visit, its a perfect time to tell you about the city's ground transportation option in another episode of Travel Tip Tuesday.  Whether its the bus, tram or train, Berlin has a lot to offer.  Even if you decide to bike or take a walk that works as well, there are options for you.  Have you ever been to...
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