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All you can jet – Visiting Virginia Quickly

Queens, NY 12 Sep., 2009. At about 3:18p, I made my way down from gate 10 at John F. Kennedy (JFK) Terminal 5 to gate 2 my departure gate.  I was busy blogging and charging my computer and almost lost track of the time. The area near gate 2 was quite busy with many travelers coming and going.  As I got to gate 2, I noticed that the boarding had already started.  However, I did take some time to p...
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All you can jet in 30 days – I'm in

Houston, TX. Wed. 19 Aug., 2009. I took the plunge and I'm now a member of the All you can jet in 30 days club. Yup, this is the JetBlue Airways (B6) offer where you can basically fly their system in 30 days for $599 plus some taxes if you head to international destinations.   The purchase experience was not too bad, I had a wait time less than 5 mins. when I called. My first call failed as I coul...
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