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18 Airline Industry Facts You Perhaps Never Knew Or Cared About

18 Airline Industry Facts You Never Knew Or Cared About
It's tough being in the airline industry. Working for an airline is all I ever wanted to do. I got my feet wet in 1995 with Delta Air Lines (DL) as a ramp agent and a gate agent in Washington National Airport (DCA) and never looked back. Yup, it was not always called Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport; that happened in 1998. Some people are still not happy about that, but I digress. I se...
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What Should I Do If My Flight Is Cancelled Due To Winter Storm Jonas

Winter storm Jonas 2016 Jan New York from the Air
Old man winter has arrived in the Northeast United States with a vengeance in the name of Jonas. As a result many flights and other modes of transportation are affected. So what should I do if my flight is cancelled due to winter storm Jonas? Well, let me tell you. I've included some links below to the airlines, buses and trains serving the Northeast, so scroll down to see them. There's ...
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