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10 Things Passengers Do During The Safety Demo, That They Shouldn’t

10 Things Passengers Do During The Safety Demo, That They Shouldn't I’m always amazed each time I fly as I see passengers doing a ton of thing apart from paying attention during the flight attendant safety demo video. Not paying attention is akin to someone taking to you and you talking at the same time or just ignoring them. Would you do that?   So I thought I’d write this art...
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18 Airline Industry Facts You Perhaps Never Knew Or Cared About

18 Airline Industry Facts You Never Knew Or Cared About
It's tough being in the airline industry. Working for an airline is all I ever wanted to do. I got my feet wet in 1995 with Delta Air Lines (DL) as a ramp agent and a gate agent in Washington National Airport (DCA) and never looked back. Yup, it was not always called Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport; that happened in 1998. Some people are still not happy about that, but I digress. I se...
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Why Do You Hate The Airlines?

A day does not pass with a news story about someone who reports they've had a bad experience on an airline. Or someone goes ballistic or are stranded at an airport due to a cancellation, sometimes weather-related. Yup, this week its bad weather in Europe delaying flights. I even have friends who are stuck in the Midlands, U.K. So the reason for this post is for you to tell me "why do you hate the ...
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9 Tips To Ensure You Get The Seat You Want And Desire On Your Next Flight

I was on a flight recently and there was a family of three that were not sitting together.  It was a mom and dad with a small female child (about 5-years old i think) and they all had middle seats.  It was like 9E, 10B and 10E or something similar. So what the dad did was to sit his child in 10F next to him, then he stood up and was asking people to switch with him as he boarded. O.K., so I symp...
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Will Hurricane Irene Affect My Travel Plans?

A category 2 hurricane named Hurricane Irene is headed for the north eastern U.S. at the moment.  So you're perhaps wondering how will the hurricane affect your travel plans? The airports, airlines and public transit systems are busy figuring out the best strategy to keep their employees and property safe and keep the operations on schedule so you can make it to our destination safely. The key i...
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