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Top 23 Things That Annoyed Me During My Travels In 2016

23 Things That Annoyed Me During My Travels in 2016
In 2016, I traveled 116 segments on eight airlines including a helicopter, a bus and a few rented cars. In total, I visited 13 countries. I enjoy people and how we interact with each other. But I must be getting old as there were certainly some unusual behaviors in 2016. So here are the top 23 things that annoyed me during my travels in 2016. Maybe you can relate :-). 1. People who don't use to...
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How To Avoid Baggage Fees in 2016

As I travel through airports worldwide its hilarious to see passengers try to avoid baggage fees. So I thought, umm... maybe I should give you some tips to help you pack smarter, travel better and avoid the fees. You'll find these tips below, read on... In Europe its more fun as the limitations are even more strict. I mean 7kg (15.4lbs) for a carryon? I think my computer, hard drives and ca...
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