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Ryanair Now Has A Loyalty Program of sorts

As you I’m very big on loyalty to a particular travel brand as it makes my travels so much easier. Upgrades, Priority boarding, better rooms, Airport Clubs, etc. are all a result of this.


Ryanair offer
Ryanair offer (image from Ryanair.com)


In comes Ryanair (FR) a low cost carrier based in Ireland with their own program as they try to change their brand image. It’s quite easy, just give them an email address and they’ll give you a discount of 10 GBP on your next flight. Which for Ryanair can mean a free ticket if you get the low fare. This ends at midnight on 9 September 2016 though. Well the offer does, the program stays :-).

Here are the reasons Ryanair say you should join?

  • Save your details and fly on by.
  • Save, share and compare potential trips.
  • Receive special offers and suggestions as individual as you.

For me though, I say always join a loyalty program for eery travel brand you use. As at some point you should be able to save or receive preferential treatment because of your membership.

Check out the offer at https://www.ryanair.com/gb/en/plan-trip/flying-with-us/myryanair-offer.


2 thoughts on “Ryanair Now Has A Loyalty Program of sorts

  1. How do I get discounts as a frequent flier as I’ve travelled more that a doz times in the last year

    1. Hi Helen,

      Thanks for your question.
      Are talking about as a Ryanair frequent flyer? Or just as a frequent flyer in general?


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