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Airline Product Review: Qatar Airways Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner

[singlepic id=15 w=320 h=240 float=right]Soon, Qatar Airways will receive their all new Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner joining at least five other carriers (ANA, Japan Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines, LAN and United Airlines).  I was privileged enough to get a tour of the Dreamliner at the Farnborough International Airshow in Farnborough England last July 2012.  Come with me while we explore the airplane.

Here are some statistics on the Qatar Airways Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner:

  • Total passengers: 254
  • Cabin pressurized to 6,000′
  • Text and Internet at each seat
  • iTouch touch screen over 1,000 movies, iPort, USB port, remote data outlet
  • inseat power
  • Initial service in Gulf region then long haul to London-Heathrow, England (LHR)
  • Engines: GE GEnx
  • More than 20 mood lighting settings
  • Height: 55′ 6″ tall
  • Length: 186′ 1″ long
  • Cabin width at widest point 18′
  • 197′ wingspan
  • 3,501 sq ft
  • Windows: 19″ high x 11 ” wide; 176 sq ft; Dimmed from the handset in Business Class
  • Huds and elec flight bags

Business Class

  • Number of seats: 22
  • Configuration: 1-2-1 Business class flat beds
  • Pitch: Flat beds 80″ and 50″ pitch space
  • Screen size: 17″ screen
  • Lavs: 2
  • Overhead Bins: Holds 54 bags

Economy Class

  • IFE screen size: 10.6″ screen
  • 232 seats 3-3-3 in Economy
  • Pitch: 30-31″
  • Lavs: 6
  • Overhead Bins: Holds 226 bags

Here are some photos of the airplane:

[imagebrowser id=1]

And a video of the aircraft doing touch and go landings at the Farnborough 2012 Airshow


5 thoughts on “Airline Product Review: Qatar Airways Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner

  1. How about we discuss the fact that this and other Middle Eastern airlines not only enjoy subsidies from their oil rich governments, the US taxpayers fund special low interest rate loans to these airlines to buy US aircraft. These loans are not afforded to US airlines who must compete with no such financial benefits.
    Perform your own research on the US Export-Import bank.
    In addition, the US is looking at opening a new US Customs preclearance facility in Abu-Dahbi, which would give yet another edge to these Gulf area Airlines.

  2. Hello, what do you mean when you say “Pitch: Flat beds 80″ and 50″ pitch space”?

    I know the business seat becomes an 80″ bed, but from the photos, it feels like the space between the seats isn’t 80″, because they look closer to each other than the QR 77W seats, which have a pitch of 77″). I feel like the seat will feel less private when seats are closer together like that.

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