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Off to New York to see friends

Houston, TX Fri. 18 Sep. 2009.  I boarded the Metro Airport Direct with four other passengers and headed for Houston-Intercontinental Airport (IAH).  This was the first leg of my journey to New York to see my high school friend and his family.

I spent the majority of the trip chatting about whether or not charing $15 for this 30 minutes ride was worth it.  it was interesting as we compared the services and when I mentioned that a similar service in Toronto, Canada from Lester B. Pearson International (YYZ) had buses that took you to your hotel, he mentioned that Metro had a similar service.

I did not know that.  Still the service in Toronto is cheaper Metro’s service and it is run by a private company.

We arrived at the airport about six minutes late.  I made my way into the terminal and cleared the security lines without incident.

Then it was time to heade to the Presidents Club for a pre-flight drink and crackers and cheese.

After theis very short visit, I headed to my gate where there was a middle seat waiting for me.

I boarded and settled into my seat.  A few minutes before the door was closed, the flight attendants gave the safety demo and we were off.

After takeoff, the lead flight attendant announced that there would be a dinner snack service (I wonder what it would be).  Also that beer, wine and magaritas and other alcohols were $5 each.

The Captain came on the PA at 6:27 and advised that we should arrive ontime and if we have no air traffic delays we may even arrive early.

Meal on Continental Airlines CO1632 from IAH to LaGuardia, NY

At 6:29p the drink and meal service commenced.  It was a chicken wrap with a Kitkat as well as a salad.  I ate heartily as I was super hungry.  I then slept for a bit until it was time to prepare for landing.

It was a great landing as we swooped down on the city below.  I exited the airport and took the car rental shuttle picked up my car and headed for the Bronx.

The first leg of the trip is complete.

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