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London 2012 – How Many Of The Olympic Countries Have You Visited?

As I watched the OlympiLondon 2012 - Mandeville and Wenlockc Games on the BBC Friday night, I could not help but notice how many of the 204 countries I’d not visited despite having visited 106 countries.

My friends were asking me where some of them were located and it was then that I realized how really fortunate I’d been.  I was a very good Geography student in High School in Jamaica and really enjoyed looking on a map and seeing where places were located. It was very funny when The Marshall Islands came up and I told one of my friends that I’d visited that country and even met its President whom was on my flight at the time.

London 2012 New York CityIt was a chance encounter.  You see he was sitting in our (myself and two travel companions) seats when we got back from the toilet and we asked him to move and started chatting with him.  None of the three of us knew whom he was, but we wondered why people on the plane was staring at us.  We were having a very casual conversation with him as if we’d known him for eons.  So much so that he invited us to his island, Kwajalein, the next stop on the famous Island Hopper in the Pacific; you either have to live there or work there to get off the plane, so this was a big deal.

Once in Kwajalein, he told the flight attendant to get us off the plane so we could see his island.  We only got as far as the ticket counter as we were continuing to Guam on the same flight. But it was cool as had we not met him, we could not have set foot off on the island.  It’s a little different now as you do get off the plane there, but you have to stay in the transit area and you cannot take photos.  But I digress.

Do you now where these Olympic participating countries are located?

How many have you visited?  Please leave a comment below and share with your friends.

Here is the list indicating which ones I’ve visited.

Top 20 World's Longest Commercial Flights by Distance Flown

RankAirlineBlock TimeFromToEquipmentDistance
1Singapore Airlines (SQ)18:30EWRSIN359 (ULR)9,539M/15,351KM
2Qatar (QR)16:20DOHAKL77L9,043M/14,554KM
3Qantas (QF)18:20PERLHR7899,025M/14,524KM
4Qantas (QF) [April 2020]16:10BNEORD7898,916M/14,349KM
5Emirates (EK)17:20AKLDXB77L8,834M/14,216KM
6Singapore Airlines (SQ)17:50LAXSIN3598,771M/14,116KM
7United Airlines (UA)17:30IAHSYD7898,596M/13,834KM
8Qantas (QF)16:55DFWSYD3808,590M/13,824KM
9Philippines Airlines (PR)16:50JFKMNL3598,519M/13,710KM
10Singapore Airlines (SQ)16:20SFOSIN3598,446M/13,594KM
11United Airlines (SQ)16:20SFOSIN7898,446M/13,594KM
12Delta Air Lines (DL)16:57ATLJNB77L8,439M/13,581KM
13Etihad (EY)16:40LAXAUH77L8,387M/13,498KM
14Emirates (EK)16:20LAXDXB3808,336M/13,415KM
15Saudi Arabia (SV)16:40LAXJED77W8,329M/13,405KM
16Qatar (QR)16:25LAXDOH77L8,303M/13,362KM
17Philippines Airline (PR)16:40YYZMNL3598,219M/13,227KM
18Emirates (EK)16:40IAHDXB380/77W8,165M/13,140KM
19Cathay Pacific (CX)16:50HKGIAD3518,154M/13,123KM
20American Airlines (AA)17:05DFWHKG77W8,120M/13,068KM
A look at the 20 longest flights in the world.

Have a great Olympics and good luck to your country as the games progresses.

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  1. You shouldn’t forget the winter games! I just got back from Whister Canada and it was beautiful and the snow was sooooo amazing. Looks like your visited list is getting pretty huge, I need to get on mine! But as a snow lover I think I will stick to the winter games locations. -Daniella

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