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I'm in Austin, TX for a few hours time to check out the state capital

Austin, TX 26 Sep. 2009.  The planned flying time was slated at 0:32, we made it in 0:30 landing at 9:59a and at the gate by 10:01a, a minute early.  I was so tired on the flight, I dozed off, woke up to get a bag of pretzels, but missed the drink service.  No worries as I’d had breakfast at the Presidents Club.  This Austin to Houston segment is so short anyways.

I disembarked and located the Presidents Club which is next door to the American Airlines Admirals Club across from gate 13. I stopped in to check it out as well as check e-mail.  Having a membership is killer as I save so much on airport food and in the case where I need a shower after a redeye, I’m sometimes lucky to have a Club at that airport with a shower.

The #100, Airport FlyerI decided to head into town, so I caught the #100 for 0.75 USD from the arrivals area.  It left at 10:40a and takes 30 minutes to get downtown; you can’t beat that?  While on the bus I noticed that a day pass was 1.50 USD, so I just bought that, since  I do have to return to the airport and in case I need to grab the bus again while downtown.

I sent out a tweet about suggestions and got the following back:

  • ssegraves@mskonfa1990 the Bob Bullock Museum is interesting. Don’t forget that ACL [Austin City Limits] is this weekend so downtown will be crazy
  • jonberrydesign@mskonfa1990if time permits – amazing bbq at Salt Lick, but go to original location 30 mins S of Austin in Driftwood

The Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum in Austin, TXI did see the Bob Bullock Museum, but did not get a chance to stop in.  Did not see Salt Lick either, a reasons to head back and see more of Austin, TX.

Austin is really lively today with a street fair blocking 6th street around San Jacinto St. (similar street names as Houston).  Say, random thought: how come Houston or Dallas is not the capital of Texas?  The street fair made for the bus detouring.  In addition there is a college football game at the University of Texas and the Austin City Limits music festival so all this made for a crazy day in the city.

Tailgaters in Austin, TXPeople were everywhere mostly in orange t-shirts with the Texas Longhorn on it.  Quelle jour.  I walked around a bit after exiting the bus at the UT campus.  It is a very nice campus, I want to go back to college, umm…  I then checked out the state Capitol (taller than the one in Washington D.C. I’m told) which is really cool and then headed to the street fair at 6th street.

By now I was tired and sweaty and wanted air conditioning.  So I headed back to the bus stop.  This was not as easy to find due to the detour so I missed it, but did see the one going in the opposite direction.  As fate would have it, it is the guy who I had initially.  So I rode with him all the way back to UT.

A bridge leading to the Austin-Bergstrom airport, Austin, TXThe temperature had risen by at least 15 degrees and now there are so many cars and people on the streets.  What a mess. Get me out of Austin please.  After many detours and twists and turns we were out of there and on US 183 heading for the Austin-Bergstrom airport.

It was a great time in the city albeit quite short.  Another visit is due and soon.

Have you been to Austin?  Did you like it?  What did you do?  Let me know please by commenting here.

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  • 3 thoughts on “I'm in Austin, TX for a few hours time to check out the state capital

    1. I think you DEFINITELY need to plan on going to SXSWi 2010. It’ll be an entirely different experience but instead of things happening around you and you just strolling through, it’ll be happening BECAUSE of you. It’s an awesome convention–I know you would love it. Hopefully I’ll be there, too!

      1. I agree totally Lacey. I wanted to go this year, but it did not quite work out. I’ve wanted to go for years and will plan on doing so next year if at least for a few hours :-).

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