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I Rented The Car For The Wrong Day. Have You Ever Done That?

Cows in MissouriThis morning , I went to rent a car.  So I gave the guy my name and he looked at his list and my name was not there :-(.  Umm…, I thought.  So I searched and lo and behold I had booked it for 28 November 2011.  Luckily the very nice agent found me a car today, otherwise, my Holiday plans would have started off a tad differently…

It may have something to do with my President’s Club status with Avis.  You see they will always find me a car is their promise and today they lived up to that promise.  Thanks.

The car did not even have a full tank, but I just thanked my lucky stars and filled it up at $3.02/gallon.  It took about 1.5 gallons to top it off.  Of course later while checkin gout my Missouri neighborhood, I passed the same gas station and the cost was $2.99 :-).  I know that the airport will charge like $3.13/gallon, but the new car rental rules says you have to re-fill within 4 miles of the airport and if you drive less than 75 miles you MUST product a receipt that you purchased gas or be charged $13.99 or something odd like that…

Have you ever done this? Rented a car on the wrong date or booked a flight for the wrong date?

If so, what was the outcome?  Please leave a comment below.

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