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How To Secure A Visit To See The Olympic Park For Free At London 2012 Olympics

London 2012 - Orbit Olympic ParkThere’s been lots of talk about getting tickets to the Olympics and I can assure you its quite a chore.  Below is the message that you get most of the times when you try.

No tickets found

Sorry, no exact matches were found.

If you would like to amend your search, you will need to remove the session(s) you have requested from your shopping list. Then you can try one or more of the following options:

      1. Reduce the number of tickets requested per session
      2. Change the price category
      3. Select another sport or session

You can however get tickets to London events if you are outside of London at the other event parks.  Just head to the box offices as we did when we visited the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, Wales.

I popped into the Ticket Office at Earl’s Court and was told to try the Olympic Park or the Wimbledon Ticket Offices as those are the only two places you can purchase tickets, if available, in the London area.  You can visit the Olympic Park, but you need a separate ticket if all you want to do is visit the Olympic Park.  A trip to Olympic Park yielded another “no” and I’ve not had a chance to make it to Wimbledon just yet.  The bad thing is that you get mixed messages from the volunteers when you ask about tickets.  They mostly tell you to go online, to which I laugh, explaining why I’m laughing.

London 2012 Viewing Ticket for Olympic ParkToday I visited the Olympic Park with a friend who wanted some Olympic souvenirs.  While at the Olympic Park, I found out that you can get to see the Park, for free from the John Lewis store window on the 2nd floor and the 3rd floor.  And if you pay 2 GBP, which goes to charity, you get a cool ticket that allows you into a room where you can take cool pictures of the entire Olympic Park from above!  They also give you a map of the Park, but they made an error and the map needs to be turned upside down so you can orient yourself.

London 2012 Panoramic Olympic Park

It was chaos there though, so get there very early as the store opens to avoid crowds.  As we left, the line was building and it encircled the store on each floor all the way down to the ground floor.

Oh, while in the Mall, don’t forget to stop by the Apple Store on the top floor and get a pin, they give out a different one each day while supplies last.

Samsung also gives them out, but they are a little annoying as you have to do something to get one and they regulate how many they give out.  Also, some of the reps. are quite rude and keeps telling you to come back and still not giving out pins.

So there you have it, how to see the Olympic Park for free!  What do you think? Have you been to this viewing area?

Here are some additional pictures for you.

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