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Hotel Video Review: citizenM Amsterdam Schipol International Airport, Amsterdam Netherlands (AMS)

Jan Plezierweg 2
1118BB Schiphol Centrum
the Netherlands
+31(0)20 8117 080

Amsterdam, Netherlands (AMS) 31 Oct. 2009.  This my second time staying at this hotel and like the first time (on a trip from Hannover to Amsterdam), I was not disappointed.

I was having difficulty finding a place to stay in the heart of Amsterdam and decided on just trying to find a place once I got there.  One deciding factor was the schedule of the train from the airport to the city.  As I found out it runs 24 hours with hourly service between midnight and 5:00a.  Outside of that it is 6 times per hour at a cost of 7.20 EUR round trip (http://www.amsterdam.info/airport/train).  Once I cleared that up, I walked over to the hotel which is located just about 5 minutes walk from the airport terminal.  Basically exit the terminal and turn right on the arrivals level.

Once there, I was greeted by a guy who asked me if I wanted to check-in.  I told him I had no reservation and asked what was the cost for one night.  99.00 EUR he replied.  A bit more than I had expected so I asked a few more questions and then he mentioned that if I booked online it would be cheaper.  And so it was, it was 69.00 EUR plus taxes which brought it to 72.91 EUR, so in the end, I paid 72.91 EUR plus 20.00 EUR early check-in fee plus there was a 2.25 EUR fee for not using a PIN card (which I think is so wrong); a total of 95.16 EUR, quite a savings from the 99.00 EUR walk in fee plust the early check-in fee.

With that I checked in using the kiosks and taking a key card, holding it next to the reader/writer so that my room information could be written to it.  I wanted a higher floor facing the airport so the agent took care of that for me.  As a matter of fact, I think I got the same room I had the first time I stayed there.

So what is so special about this hotel?  Well, it has free WiFi, which you cannot beat, and if you don’t have your own computer, there are four MacIntoshes in the main lobby for your use.  There is even a printer so you can print your boarding passes for your flight.  The lobby also has a bar and about four or five elegantly decorated lounge areas with TVs, chairs and couches.

The rooms are cool as well, with a bed that spans the length of the room with a fantastic quiet airport view.  There are many preset settings for the window shades, the lights, etc. in the room.  There is also mood lighting above the toilet and shower which are surrounded by circular glass doors.   Here is a video for you to enjoy:


Here is a review by a traveler from India, Sugarto:


Enjoy the pictures of the room and hotel below:

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