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Hertz #1 Awards is now Hertz Gold Plus Rewards

horatio from HertzLike airlines and hotels, car rental companies have rewards programs too.  Hertz, whose program was called the Hertz #1 Awards program is changing its name to Hertz Gold Plus Rewards.

The cool thing is that they are waiving the normal $60 sign up for for a limited time (until Dec. 15, 2011).  So if you are not yet a member drive on over to http://goldplus.hertz.com/ to sign up.  Additionally, they are offering a 500-point bonus when you sign up.  Pretty much you can get a free weekend day rental.  Plus 100 bonus points for each rental until December 15, 2011.

They’ve even created a video using horatio to help you:

What do you think?  Sign up today!

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