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Ever Considered Going From London To Paris By Bus, iDBUS?

iDBus BusAs a traveler, I love all modes of transportation and am very fascinated by long and interesting journeys.  One of those journeys is crossing the English Channel by all the different modes (train, bus, ferry for the moment); I really want to fly from Dover to Calais at some point as well.  So you can imagine my excitement when I noticed a new bus company with affordable fares.

That company is iDBUS and they are offering 5 GBP fares if you can find them until 31 August, 2012.  The normal fares starts at 45 GBP for the London to Paris run and 37 GBP to Lille.  iDBUS is run by the SNCF (French Railroad) and was launched on 23 July, 2012.  It operates services to/from Amsterdam, Brussels, London and Paris to/from its hub in Lille, France.  I suppose you could go from Paris to Amsterdam with a stop in Lille :-).  This is what their Web site says about why you should try them; for me, I just want an inexpensive, comfortable, with WiFi way to get from London to Paris:

When you travel by iDBUS, you are rediscovering travelling by road. Simple, accessible, and with respect for the environment. This new means of transport offers all the advantages of travelling by car while ensuring responsible and sustainable consumption. iDBUS coaches are safer and more comfortable. They are equipped with the latest facilities such as geolocation or WiFi. They are modern anda convivial and they are about to revolutionise the image of coach travel.

Here is a list of the stations where they stop in each destination:

  • Amsterdam: Amsterdam stadionplein
  • Brussels: Brussels-Midi station
  • Lille: Lille-Europe station
  • London: Victoria Coach station
  • Paris: Gare de Paris-Bercy

You can find additional information in the form of a PDF here.

I’m going to try them pretty soon, so watch for a review.  You should too if any of these destinations match your trips.  If you’ve tried them, please leave a comment below.


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