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Video: Listen to a traveler from India talk about losing his bag on a train in Europe

Amsterdam, Netherlands 31 Oct. 2009. I was staying at CitizenM hotel located at the Amsterdam Schipol International airport in Amsterdam, Netherlands (AMS).  As I returned to my room, I noticed a guy sitting just outside the hotel smoking and drinking a beer.  I thought it odd as it was quite cold and he looked rather down.  He really looked like he needed someone to talk with so I said hello to h...
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All you can jet – a slight change of plans as I head to the DR

Houston, TX  Wed. 16 Sep. 2009.  When I booked this reservations last night, I was not happy with it.  I knew I had to accomplish Newburgh, NY (SWF) so my mind continued to race as to how to accomplish this task.  Then it came to me how to do it, but I had to position myself in NY to do it.  It also means that I have to get transportation from Newburgh, NY (SWF) to JFK to catch my flight home to H...
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Taking the train from Hannover to Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Netherlands Sat. 29 Aug. 2009.  I was in Germany for a few days for vacation and was trying to figure out how to get back home to Houston, TX.  So I decided on taking the train from Hannover to Amsterdam.  I don’t plan too far ahead as you know, as it is more fun to figure out how I will get home after I arrive at my destination.  I usually have some idea, but never sure of the final ro...
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