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Wreath Laying at the Cenotaph for Remembrance Day 2012

As I do my travels, I try to capture life as I see it.  Today, it's Remembrance Day in London, England.  I paid a visit to the Cenotaph with my friend I'm staying with.  He knows a lot about London and thought it would be good if I visited with him; he was right. It was very moving and I'm very glad I did.  Here is a video of my visit there.       http://www.y...
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What's the longest you've ever waited to be picked up at an airport?

San Antonio, TX 14 Nov. 2009.  I'm waiting to be picked up by a friend of mine in San Antonio, TX.  He texted me to say that he is on his way and will be here in twenty minutes.  That was 15 minutes ago.  I'm surfing the free WiFi compliments of Google while I wait.  The longest I've waited for a pickup is about 2.5 hours in Los Angeles, CA (LAX).  My cousin is notorious for making people wait whe...
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Experiencing Continental's DIRECTV from Seattle, WA to Houston, TX

Seattle, WA 13 Nov. 2009.  I was in Seattle, WA for a few hours and it time to head back.  I was intrigued as it would be he first time I would experience Continental Airlines' take on DIRECTV.  Before I boarded I looked through the window at the airplane to ensure that it had the hug parabolic dish on top of the airplane.  This is one of the elements that makes it all possible. I was the last pe...
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Free Airport WiFi from the Google boys

Houston, TX 12 Nov. 2009.  Twas the month before Christmas and all through the airport, not a WiFi-less passenger was seen, not even a mouse.  As Google is offering free WiFi in select airports throughout the United States.  Even in airports such as Las Vegas McCarran, NV (LAS) and Orlando, FL (MCO) where WiFi was already being offered for free.  To make it even more fun, there is a photo contest...
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Video: Listen to a traveler from India talk about losing his bag on a train in Europe

Amsterdam, Netherlands 31 Oct. 2009. I was staying at CitizenM hotel located at the Amsterdam Schipol International airport in Amsterdam, Netherlands (AMS).  As I returned to my room, I noticed a guy sitting just outside the hotel smoking and drinking a beer.  I thought it odd as it was quite cold and he looked rather down.  He really looked like he needed someone to talk with so I said hello to h...
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