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Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia Anyone? Tickets Are On Sale Now

As a kid growing up, I was fascinated by the Winter Olympics albeit I grew up in Jamaica :-).  As such, I've always wanted to attend one.  So in 2002, I braved the cold of Salt Lake City and went to the games there. I had no tickets nor anything and no place to stay either, but it was fun nonetheless and I eventually got tickets to see Men's Ice Hockey. Two of my friends who went but at a differen...
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How To Secure A Visit To See The Olympic Park For Free At London 2012 Olympics

There's been lots of talk about getting tickets to the Olympics and I can assure you its quite a chore.  Below is the message that you get most of the times when you try. No tickets found Sorry, no exact matches were found. If you would like to amend your search, you will need to remove the session(s) you have requested from your shopping list. Then you can try one or more of the following opti...
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London 2012 – How Many Of The Olympic Countries Have You Visited?

As I watched the Olympic Games on the BBC Friday night, I could not help but notice how many of the 204 countries I'd not visited despite having visited 106 countries. My friends were asking me where some of them were located and it was then that I realized how really fortunate I'd been.  I was a very good Geography student in High School in Jamaica and really enjoyed looking on a map and seein...
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London 2012 – How Do I Get Olympic Tickets?

If you've been watching the Olympic Games you undoubtedly have seen many empty seats.  So much so, that the military have been sent in to fill some of the seats.  You se, it never looks well to have empty seats on TV.  So what is really going on? Why are these seats empty?  And how does one get Olympic Tickets? No one seems to want to say what's the deal, but its the expensive seats that are op...
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