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Kerwin-style Trips

Countries/Geographic Regions Visited

I'm often asked how many countries I've visited.  While this sounds like an easy question, it's actually quite complicated.  My number changes constantly as I'm always traveling.  Serbia then Bosnia & Herzegovina are the two latest ones claimed in October 2012.  I had a great chat with my fellow travel blogger Theodora as she wrote a post and asked about the countries visited. The number of...
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Anthony Bourdain's "Layover" Kerwin-style: Singapore

Anthony Bourdain just aired his show called the "Layover" and Singapore was the city he reviewed.  My friends and I have been to Singapore for 24-48 hours so I thought I'd let you see what we did while we were there. But first let's talk about how to get to Singapore from the U.S. which is where Anthony started.  When I went, I took the nonstop flight from Newark, NJ (EWR) on an Airbus A340-500; ...
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