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Travel Tip Tuesday: Travel Tips On How To Get From Girona Airport To Girona and Barcelona

Tuesday, October 2, 2012 This week, Travel Tip Tuesday's travel tips talk about how to get from Girona Airport to the city and also to Barcelona, Spain.  The Girona airport is about 10 minutes by bus from the city and the bus/train ride down to Barcelona is about two hours or so. With three low cost carriers serving the airport, it may be worth your while to fly into that airport and then ta...
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Travel Tip Tuesday: How To Travel The Girona – Costa Bava Region By Bus

Travel Tip Tuesday 25 September 2012 This week Travel Tip Tuesday is a bit late as I was touring the Girona Costa Brava as a guest of the Girona Tourist Board. After that I visited a few of the towns in the area by bus.  The local bus service is Sarfa at http://www.sarfa.com.  Here you can plan your trips around the region. Enjoy the vide and leave a comment if you've been to the Costa Brava...
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Travel Tip Tuesday: How To Get From Barcelona Airport To The City Center Efficiently

Travel Tip Tuesday 18 September, 2012 This week Travel Tip Tuesday address how to get from the Barcelona airport to the city center without any fuss.  It's quite easy and there are a few options depending on your plans for the city and the amount of time you will spend there.  I opted for the 2-Day pass, but it turns out that I could just have paid as I go as the city is pretty dense and all te...
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Travel Tip Tuesday: The Ins And Outs Of Ground Transportation in Porto, Portugal

Travel Tip Tuesday 11 September, 2012 The city of Porto is somewhat undiscovered for me.  But the city is very developed and boasts a fantastic public transportation.  This episode of Travel Tip Tuesday, takes you through the ins and out and gives you tips on how to use the system efficiently. Have you been to Porto? What did you think of the public transportation? http://www.youtube.com/...
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Travel Tip Tuesday: How To Get Around In Berlin, Germany

Travel Tip Tuesday 4 September 2012 Berlin is a fantastic city rich with history, so during my visit, its a perfect time to tell you about the city's ground transportation option in another episode of Travel Tip Tuesday.  Whether its the bus, tram or train, Berlin has a lot to offer.  Even if you decide to bike or take a walk that works as well, there are options for you.  Have you ever been to...
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