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I Rented The Car For The Wrong Day. Have You Ever Done That?

This morning , I went to rent a car.  So I gave the guy my name and he looked at his list and my name was not there :-(.  Umm..., I thought.  So I searched and lo and behold I had booked it for 28 November 2011.  Luckily the very nice agent found me a car today, otherwise, my Holiday plans would have started off a tad differently... It may have something to do with my President's Club status with...
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Hertz #1 Awards is now Hertz Gold Plus Rewards

Like airlines and hotels, car rental companies have rewards programs too.  Hertz, whose program was called the Hertz #1 Awards program is changing its name to Hertz Gold Plus Rewards. The cool thing is that they are waiving the normal $60 sign up for for a limited time (until Dec. 15, 2011).  So if you are not yet a member drive on over to http://goldplus.hertz.com/ to sign up.  Additionally, the...
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Travel Tip Tuesday: Don’t Forget To Fill ‘Er Up

Travel Tip Tuesday for Tuesday, October 4, 2011 This is Kerwin with Cruisinaltitude.com and its time for Travel Tip Tuesday! I'm here in Cascade Locks in Oregon and behind me, you can see right there, is what's called the "Bridge of the Gods."  This bridge joins Washington state with Oregon state at Cascade Locks. Today's Travel Tip is about putting gas in that rented car. So I'm...
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Hertz is waiving the rental surcharge for 21-24 year old drivers

So if you are a young driver you know that it is hard to rent a car.  Well Hertz has made that a little easier by waving the rental surcharge for drivers 21-24 year old.  You can find details at https://www.hertz.com/rentacar/specialoffers/index.jsp?targetPage=under25feewaived.jsp.  I've also included the Ts&Cs below for you as well. Terms and Conditions: Advance reservations required. This w...
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