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Travel Tip Tuesday: How To Get Back On Track After A Weather-Related Travel Disruption

Travel Tip Tuesday 30 October, 2012 With Hurricane Sandy wrecking havoc on transportation of all forms in the Northeastern U.S., I thought Travel Tip Tuesday should address what to do when your travel plans are disrupted due to weather as it is now with Hurricane Sandy. This video is a little longer than usual, but it thoroughly explains what you should expect from your travel provider at this ...
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OUIBUS Bus Service Review: IDBUS (OUIBUS)Traveling From London, England to Paris, France

Taking OUIBUS from London To Paris I was in London during the Olympics and was trying to think of a way to depart without paying the egregious Airport Passenger Departure (APD) tax.  My options were to take a bus, train or ferry.  I was looking around and found a new company called IDBUS (now called OUIBUS)as they were offering 5 GBP fares from London to Paris.   I thought the service ...
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Ever Considered Going From London To Paris By Bus, iDBUS?

As a traveler, I love all modes of transportation and am very fascinated by long and interesting journeys.  One of those journeys is crossing the English Channel by all the different modes (train, bus, ferry for the moment); I really want to fly from Dover to Calais at some point as well.  So you can imagine my excitement when I noticed a new bus company with affordable fares. That company is i...
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Off to an early start this morning as I head to Austin, TX

Houston, TX 26 Sep. 2009.  It was 5:00a when the alarm clock went off, I had only been asleep since 1:48a.  I wanted to ignore it, but I knew I had a long and exciting day ahead so I got ready and headed out. The bus came three minutes late and the driver did a Metro-directed detour as he said the road was blocked due to an accident.  Except he took a wrong turn despite us telling him where he ne...
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