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Nancy, France: A View From Above

Eighteen year old Nans Thomas filmed this video in Nancy, France for our enjoyment. But he apparently violated two local rules. So now he's in trouble with the local courts. I hope it goes well for him in the courts. Before this video, you perhaps had no idea that Nancy, France even existed. I've wanted to visit Nancy for some time now, but never got around to it. I'm sure more people will visi...
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Why Do You Hate The Airlines?

A day does not pass with a news story about someone who reports they've had a bad experience on an airline. Or someone goes ballistic or are stranded at an airport due to a cancellation, sometimes weather-related. Yup, this week its bad weather in Europe delaying flights. I even have friends who are stuck in the Midlands, U.K. So the reason for this post is for you to tell me "why do you hate the ...
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Travel Tip Tuesday: How To Get Back On Track After A Weather-Related Travel Disruption

Travel Tip Tuesday 30 October, 2012 With Hurricane Sandy wrecking havoc on transportation of all forms in the Northeastern U.S., I thought Travel Tip Tuesday should address what to do when your travel plans are disrupted due to weather as it is now with Hurricane Sandy. This video is a little longer than usual, but it thoroughly explains what you should expect from your travel provider at this ...
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