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Top 23 Things That Annoyed Me During My Travels In 2016

23 Things That Annoyed Me During My Travels in 2016
In 2016, I traveled 116 segments on eight airlines including a helicopter, a bus and a few rented cars. In total, I visited 13 countries. I enjoy people and how we interact with each other. But I must be getting old as there were certainly some unusual behaviors in 2016. So here are the top 23 things that annoyed me during my travels in 2016. Maybe you can relate :-). 1. People who don't use to...
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7 Things You Must Do Before You Take That Flight

After you've bought that hard earned ticket for your trip, the experience does not stop there. Here are a few things you must do before you take that flight: 1). Download the Airline App - Almost every airline has an App. This where you can view your reservation, make changes, find an airport Club, check-in for your flight, check your flight's status, check if you are on the upgrade list, acces...
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Ryanair Now Has A Loyalty Program of sorts

Ryanair offer
As you I'm very big on loyalty to a particular travel brand as it makes my travels so much easier. Upgrades, Priority boarding, better rooms, Airport Clubs, etc. are all a result of this.     In comes Ryanair (FR) a low cost carrier based in Ireland with their own program as they try to change their brand image. It's quite easy, just give them an email¬†address and they'll gi...
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Mistake Fares: Should You Take Advantage Of Them? Careful, There Are Consequences

Mistake Fares - Should You Buy One?
I recently wrote a post about How To Find Affordable Fares Without Going Broke. I purposely did not mention Mistake Fares in any detail as an option as I'm not a fan of these as I believe in paying what's fair for a ticket. I know this is a sensitive topic as I hear people, even my friends, say its their way of sticking it to the airline. I'll tell you its the employees that suffer, not the ai...
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27 Rules To Live By On Your Next Trip: The Ultimate Guide To Airplane Etiquette

26 Rules To Live By On Your Next Trip: The Ultimate Guide To Airplane Etiquette
I think I'm sometimes in the air or at airports more than I am on the ground. Not really having a home is a contributing factor. This year (2014) alone, I've been on nineteen airlines and traversed five continents. I'll tell you, people are pretty much the same the world over, but some are a bit more orderly than others. I've seen some behavior for which my grandmother would have just given me on...
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