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Airport Lounge Review: Plaza Premium Lounge London-Heathrow Airport Terminal 2 Arrivals

Airport Lounge Review: Plaza Premium Lounge: London-Heathrow Terminal 2 Arrivals
Plaza Premium Lounge London-Heathrow Airport Terminal 2 Arrival Plaza Premium | twitter | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube The Plaza Premium band is always expanding. You can read about a review I did of the Aerotel in Singapore. Adding facilities in London-Heathrow is the latest expansion. So, if you've just arrived from a transatlantic flight into London-Heathrow, then a stop in the Plaz...
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10 Things Passengers Do During The Safety Demo, That They Shouldn’t

10 Things Passengers Do During The Safety Demo, That They Shouldn't I’m always amazed each time I fly as I see passengers doing a ton of thing apart from paying attention during the flight attendant safety demo video. Not paying attention is akin to someone taking to you and you talking at the same time or just ignoring them. Would you do that?   So I thought I’d write this art...
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Saudia (SV) First Class Suites On The Boeing 777-300ER

Saudia (SV) First Class Suites New York-JFK to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (JED) November 26, 2017
First Class Suites on Saudia (SV) Boeing 777-300ER Saudia.com | twitter | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube I flew Saudia (SV) from New York (JFK) to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (JED). As I disembarked, I asked to see the Saudia First Class Suites. The flight attendant said yes. Here's what I saw:     Booking the Flights I started my search using Momondo.com.
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Why Do Flights Get Delayed – 15 Reasons Why Your Next Flight May Be Delayed

Why Do Flights Get Delayed? I'm Glad You Asked Flight delays are inevitable. After flying my share of airlines (173 so far), I've seen many flight delays. When you fly using that great travel deal, most of the flights are ontime about 80% or so of the time, the other 20% or so of the time the delays are due to several reasons. In the U.S. ontime is counted as any departure/arrival within less tha...
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The Middle Seat Memoir: It Doesn’t Always have To Suck

Air France (AF) Business Class Middle Seat
The Middle Seat Memoir I know most complaints about the middle seat, but as an ex-airline employee, I’ve flown the middle more than most. Here's my middle seat memoir. As a perk for working for an airline, we get to travel for free or for a deeply discounted price; for that we have to wait until the very last minute to get a seat that's not otherwise occupied by a paying customer or a fellow emp...
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