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All you can jet – Visiting Virginia Quickly

Queens, NY 12 Sep., 2009. At about 3:18p, I made my way down from gate 10 at John F. Kennedy (JFK) Terminal 5 to gate 2 my departure gate.  I was busy blogging and charging my computer and almost lost track of the time.

The area near gate 2 was quite busy with many travelers coming and going.  As I got to gate 2, I noticed that the boarding had already started.  However, I did take some time to photograph our plane, another Embraer 190.  It was a little hard to see the registration, but I figured I’d get it later.

Embraer ERJ-190 at the gate in JFK

I boarded when it was my turn said hello to the flight attendant in the galley and took my seat.  A minute before departure time at 3:54p, the Captain came on and advised that we would be delayed as a taxi light malfunctioned.  She then added that it would take about five minutes to fix it once the mechanic arrived.



Planes at JFK - Emirates, Qatar, eurofly...The delay was really short and at 4:05p, we closed the main door and pushed back.  JFK is an airplane spotters dream.  It would appear that every major international carrier was represented with almost all the wide body airplanes ever made making an appearance.

We stopped short for about 10 minutes.  Then the Captain came on the PA and advised that she was waiting on clearance from ATC as the airport had changed departure runways.  In about two minutes we were moving heading for 22R-4L.

A Delta Air Lines Boeing 757-200 and a Boeing 767-300 with winglets I did see a Delta Air Lines Boeing 767-300 with winglet which is so cool to see.  There was a Boeing 757-20 with winglets next to it as well.  Our takeoff was behind a Czech Airlines (OK) A310-300 painted in their new livery.  This just after a Lufthansa Boeing 747-400 took off on the perpendicular runway.

After takeoff about 4:47p, the flight attendants came by with water, followed by cans of Coke, Diet Coke and Sprite.  A cup of ice followed.

The Captain then came on the PA and said that we had 30 minutes more to go and we were cruising at 26,000’.  She also turned off the seatbelt signs.  The time was 4:52p.

JFK to Richmond meal

Doritos munchies cheese fix and chocolate chip cookies followed.  I tried them both.

This flight was really empty including the seat next to me.  It was soon time for landing which we did without incident.

Once I landed the flight attendant asked the crew for the airplane name and they said “Pretty in Blue.”  I did not think that was right as I had seen “or” in one of the words.  When I checked later, it was actually “Color Me Blue.”

When I got the gate at the end of the jetway, I asked the agent to print my boarding passes which she did after asking for an ID.  I saw that she had a “#AYCJ” button so I asked her where she got it.  She said they are at the ticket counter I can go get one.  She would call ahead so they are expecting me.  I had until 6:10p to make it back to the gate.

I headed out to the ticket counter where Tricia and Michelle were waiting.  They gave me the button and we chatted for a bit.  They think I’m nuts, but then I agreed with them :-).  We chatted for a bit then I headed back into the terminal.

Clearing security was a breeze and I think I’ve met the most pleasant TSA lady employee ever.  There was maybe three people clearing security so there was no waiting.

As I approached the gate, I heard Christine the gate agent advised that if you are an “All you can jet” jetter you should let her know.  How cool is that.

Richmond, VA (RIC) to New York-JFK, NY (JFK) B6 1076

I boarded said hello to the crew and took my seat.  Just before takeoff, the First Officer, Heather came out of the cockpit and said hello and acknowledged myself and one other “All you can jet” member.  Another cool moment.

Richmond to JFK meal

On the return flight, the meal service was the same and was doled out the same way.  I wanted to talk with the lady next to me, but she was watching the football game and reading, so no hope there.  I tell you having TV onboard may not be a good thing at all, who knows though.

66F cloudy light winds from the southeast says the Captain at 7:01p.  We would land in a bit he concluded.

An opportunity presented itself to talk to the lady next to me (she took off her headsets).  It was great, we had a good short conversation too.  As it turns out, we both have roots from Jamaica.  She had gone down to Richmond to see family.  She is originally from Richmond, VA.  I gave her a card so she could check out what I said about her.


 Approaching JFK - this is Queens, NY below

We had a nice approach from another runway (Far Rockaway, I think) this time and hovered quite a bit over the runway before touching down.  We got to the gate early at 7:26p twenty-five minutes early.  The gate was not quite ready though so we waited about a minute before we docked.  People were already standing.

I disembarked and said my goodbyes and headed for the restroom.  I needed to go real bad.

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