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All you can jet – the journey home from JFK to Houston

Queens, NY Sun. 13 Sep. 2009.   Once back in JFK, I was hungry, so I had a slice of spinach and chicken pizza at one of the eateries in the food court.  It was quite pricey at about $5.00; tasty though.

Air Svit Boeing 767-400 taxiing to the runway in JFK I found the gate and found a good spot to charge the computers and also watch the planes go back.  Fantastic; Egypt Air’s B777, Aero Svit’s Boeing 767-400 it loked like, a white Boeing 747-300 as well as Air Berlin’s A330. to name a few  I guess that one is a charter flight.

The airplane finally showed up at 7:45p or so and then boarding started at 8:00p.  Just before boarding the flight attendant came out and waved to me.  I think it was the same guy on the JFK to Richmond flight the day before.  I introduced myself again and chatted.  He said it was good to see me and thanked me for the business asking if I was having a good time.

I went to see if I could get the registration information and luckily the catering truck was pulling up and lighted the area which revealed “Bluesmobile” and N267JB on the Embraer ERJ-190.  I boarded soon after, said hello to the flight attendants and the same guy then offered me two jetBlue wings, a nice touch.  Thanks Marvin.

I took my window seat and settled in next to a guy who was will be in Houston for 24 hours.  No he is not an All You Can Jetter, just making a quick trip.

The JFK to Houston-Hobby meal

We pushed back ontime and headed out to the runway.  Soon after takeoff, I was offered a complimentary movie so I watched the Soloist while having the drinsk and snacks.  The movie was not as good as I thought.  My seatmate watched the MTV Music Awards as did others around me on LiveTV.

I was uber tired so I fell asleep awaking when the cabin was being prepared for landing.  We touched down at 10:50p and was at the gate two minutes later, 0:43 early.

The terminal was deserted!  We were not the last ones in as I believe Southwest has a later flight as I hear it every night passing over my house.  The Departure FIDS were blank too and TSA had gone home.

I headed out side and caught the bus to my National Rent a car.  As it turns out I got a car with 3.5 miles on it.  I had booked it on Hotwire for $31.95 as opposed to the egregious cost of the others on their Web sites.  This is really silly, the cars were $18.95 a day as long I as I booked for a pickup before noon on Sunday.  After that is is $102!

This was a fantastic weekend and all went well.  Can’t wait for next weekend.  How was your weekend?

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