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All you can jet – the first weekend is booked

Houston, TX. Tues. 8 Sep., 2009. Well, I’ve got the first weekend booked finally.  Working on this itinerary was quite a bear and when I finally got it done, I realized that the schedule had changed for September so some of the flights I wanted were not available.  It took me the greater part of 6 hours to figure it all out and make all the times work.

Despite all that I managed to book eight segments and three new airports (Richmond, VA (RIC), Buffalo, NY (BUF) and Syracuse, NY (SYR)) for the coming weekend.  I wanted to log Rochester, NY (ROC) as well, but when I booked with Avis it was $102 with unlimited mileage picking up in Buffalo, NY (BUF) and dropping off in ROC and $58 plus $0.40 per mile.  If I can get a complimentary car coupon though I’ll gladly change the airports.  I have until Wed. p.m. to make the change.

It is about 70 miles between the two airports and I plan on heading into Buffalo for some Buffalo wings at the Anchor Bar.  If you don’t know, Buffalo is the home of the Buffalo wings.  They close at midnight, so I only have about an hour to get into the city and eat.

Here is my city pairs:

  1. 12SEP Houston-Hobby, TX (HOU) to New York-JFK, NY (JFK)
  2. 12SEP JFK to Richmond, VA (RIC)
  3. 12SEP RIC to JFK
  4. 12SEP JFK to BUF
  5. 13SEP BUF to Orlando FL (MCO)
  6. 13SEP MCO to Syracuse, NY (SYR)
  7. 13SEP SYR to JFK
  8. 13SEP JFK  to HOU

Now that the first weekend is booked, it is time to find a hotel in Buffalo, NY.  I’m sure that will cost a pretty penny as well.

While talking to Kylie who is an exceptional agent, I talked about my plans for the next weekend.  But it is foiled as only JetBlue-operated flights can be used and Nantucket, etc. are all served by Cape Air under a codeshare agreement.  That is quite the bummer.  It is spelled out quite clearly in the Terms and Conditions.

I also figured out the taxes for some other segments as well.  About $32 for Puerto Rico, $133 for the Dominican Republic and $82.00 for Barbados.  Sadly the first two days of service (Oct. 1-2) are booked to Barbados.

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  • 18 thoughts on “All you can jet – the first weekend is booked

      1. Hiya Phil,
        Thanks for popping in. Yes I will. I have to get to Long Beach, Ca (LGB) next weekend, I believe there is a flight from ORD, so will see.
        Hope you are well.

    1. Hiya Will.

      Finally, a comment on my blog…Thank you.

      When checking, there were a few flights that are a bit full. I still don’t have a seat for one segment and middle seats for two. They sell seats with extra room from $10-$40 I’m told. Extra revenue I guess.

      It’s a bummer I will miss you, but who knows the month is young yet, we may meet on a flight. Looking forward to your posts/tweets as you travel.

      The agent was actually astonished at my routing. She could not understand why I was flying up and down the east coast so many times country so many times :-).

    2. Glad you got your flights booked. I’m always worried that they will all be full. Sorry I will miss you flying out of HOU – we’re departing on 9/10. Also, thanks for the link. @wtd me if I can ever help.

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