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All you can jet – The beginning of the final day's travel

Buffalo, NY 04 Oct., 2009.  My phone alarmed at 6:15a.  This was the only alarm I had set last night as I fell asleep before I could call down for a wakeks  up call.  Today’s journey will take me from Buffalo, NY to New York-JFK then to Houston, TX so I had to get an early start.

I got ready, called down to check on a shuttle then headed downstairs to checkout and have a quick breakfast before heading to the airport.  The ride to the airport was short as the airport is across the street.  I had a good talk with the driver who was from Dallas, TX and says he misses his son who lives there.

At the airport, Robert checked me in after waiting about ten minutes behind five people.  He only checked me in for that leg though.  I asked for the other leg, but he said I had to do it at JFK.  I then headed to the TSA and cleared without any incident.

I remembered that the last time I was here, there was a US Airways Club.  I am a Presidents Club member with Continental Airlines and I know that as a new Star Alliance member on Oct. 27, 2009, Presidents Club members can use the US Airways Club come October 27, 2009.  I popped into the Club and the nice lady there said I could use it early.  Cool :-).

A US Airways Airbus A319 at the gate in Buffalo, NY (BUF)The Club is pretty nice with some muffins, juices, a bar and a Flavia coffee/tea machine and the usual airport Lounge stuff.  Wi-Fi is provided by T-Mobile at a charge.  I stayed there for a while and chilled just before the flight. I headed out at 7:44a just before brewing some lemon tea, but not before taking this picture.

At the gate, everyone was getting ready for the flight.  At 7:48a, a guy came running up to the gate for his flight to Boston at 8:00a.  Only that flight had the jetbridge pulled already.  He was none too happy.  When the agents came up from the jetway, I could see him trying to get onboard.  It was kind of fun to watch.  They did eventually re-book him on my flight at 8:20a via JFK.

Unforgettably Blue at the gate in Buffalo, NY (BUF)I boarded late and took my seat after saying hello to the flight attendant who looked very familiar.  I got settled in on N763JB, an Airbus A320 called “Unforgettably Blue.”

Before we left the gate, Captain Tom told us that our flying time was 1:03 and that we should make it to JFK early.  I was skeptical though as arriving at JFK does not really happens.  He continued to introduce his co-pilot Jason and the cabin crew, Anthony, Nick and Susan.  They were the same ones from my flight from Orlando to Buffalo yesterday.  He concluded by saying that we would cruise at 21,000′.

The Verrazano-Narrows Bridge joining Staten Island, NY to Brooklyn, NY
The Verrazano-Narrows Bridge joining Staten Island, NY to Brooklyn, NY

We pushed back at ontime at 8:20a and was airborne by 8:31a.  It was absolutely beautiful while heading down to JFK.  We passed right over the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge which connects Staten Island with Brooklyn, then we passed over Far Rockaway and came in for a landing into JFK at 9:36a.

As we taxied up to the gate, I noticed sixteen airplanes waiting for takeoff; good grief.  Our Captain had said that JFK was experiencing fog, but it should not affect us on landing.  Although I did get a tweet from @wanderingarmean saying that his flight was taking on extra fuel in case of delays coming into JFK from Houston-Hobby.  Unfortunately, he would arrive after I departed, so we would miss each other. I told him I’d wave to him as we passed each other.

A Cathay Pacific (CX) Boeing 777-300ER at the gate in JFK
A Cathay Pacific (CX) Boeing 777-300ER at the gate in JFK

We got to our gate at 9:49a, eight minutes late as we had to wait for an airplane to get pushed back.  The final leg of this All you can jet venture is at hand in less than two hours.

How is your Sunday morning going?

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