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All you can jet – Taking the first flight

Houston, TX Sat. 12 Sep. 2009. I awoke to my alarm at 4:45a; I had only gone to bed at 1:45a which for me is early on any night.  As usual, I hit the snooze bar a few times before getting up at 5:05a.

I got ready and departed at about 5:45a; thirty minutes behind schedule.  It was a great drive down to Hobby although it started raining.  Silly me, I had taken out my umbrella from my bag.  I hope I won’t need it on Sunday when I return.

Once I arrived at Thrifty, I expected them to come out and check me in, but no one showed up.  So I noted the mileage and went inside.  There was one lady ahead of me.  I think she was returning as well.  By 6:22a, I was all done and headed for the shuttle bus.  In a few minutes I was at the airport.

The JetBlue check-in counter at Houston-Hobby

My parents are also flying today so my sister called me with an update.  We talked for a bit then I headed upstairs.  Although I already had my boarding passes, I wanted to use the kiosk anyways.  There were a few people at the counter waiting to check bags.  I started some small talk, but it went nowhere fast.  Two ladies were heading to NY with samples.  Not sure what kind of samples though.  They were half awake so did not want to talk I guess.

It was my turn soon and I used my credit card to find my reservation.  I then reviewed my seat and the flight was still pretty full.  I then printed my boarding passes, but I only got two of them.

It was now time for the TSA security lines.  They were not too bad at all and I cleared it in about 10 minutes.  I then headed for the gate and waited for my flight.  People seemed tired which is understandable.  Breakfast seemed to be on everyone’s minds.

Gate 30 in Houston-Hobby

Boarding started at 7:04a.  I did notice a bin with headsets for $2.  It was all self-help.  Deposit $2 and take a headset.  When it was my turn, I boarded handing my boarding pass to the agent who did not even make eye contact.  He was pleasant when he made his announcements, not sure what happened; maybe it’s ‘cause it is early.

I greeted one of the flight attendants, Lisa as I entered the single aisle 2-2 leather seat configured Embraer ERJ-190.  Lisa greeted me back as I continued my way to my seat.

As we boarded, the captain came on the PA and advised us that there would be a short maintenance delay.  He said we had to wait for the mechanic to come by and sign the log book before we can leave.

The TV screens in each seatThis airplane has DIRECTV and it played as we wait.  About 41 channels.  you can use your own headset or the one they selle you for $2.00.

I tried to get some sleep as we waited.  It was 7:48a when the co-pilot came on the PA again and advised that it would take another twenty minutes for the mechanic to show up.  He also allayed fears of missed connections, adding not to worry.  I fell asleep again.

I awoke at 8:24a to the lady behind me cursing into her mobile phone that she’s been on the plane for an hour in a most NY accent.  The bad thing is that NY is her final destination.  She was actually loud at the beginning yapping with her friend on the phone.

The co-pilot came on again and advised that they were all done and he anticipated at 8:40a departure with a 12:40p arrival, so just thirty-six minutes.  The lady continued to curse; I really wanted to tell her to shut up as she was really annoying.

The door closed at 8:26a and we pushed back at 8:33a taking off at 8:45a or so.

Something I noticed with having DIRECTV on all the time; people don’t talk to each other at all L.  Efforts to try do not work either.

After takeoff, we made a steep climb out and headed north.  One of the flight attendants advised us of the drink choices adding that beer and wine is $6.00 and again, only debit/credit cards are accepted.  The entertainment system recycled and ran an introductory program.  I started watching Monk on USA.

At about 9:05a, a flight attendant came by and took drink orders and left us a napkin.  My water arrived at 9:28a.  the flight attendant passed by with the hot stuff; it wzs 9:36a, not my tea.  Although she wrote it down, she had forgotten me.  I motioned her over after she passed a few times and then she brought me some tea at 9:47a.

I fell asleep while watching TV and was awoken to get ready for landing.  It was good to see the New York area as we flew right over Floyd Bennet Field on our way in.  I got a good picture of JFK which is a rarity really.

Once on teh ground at 12:44p, we made it to the gate by 12:46p, 42 minues late.  Annoying lady got on the phone and started bitching once more.  Enough already!

Our plane is scheduled to go to Portland, ME (PWM) at 1:05p.  It re-boarded and left at about 1:18p.  I now hang out in T5 and wait for the next flight at 3:55p to Richmond, VA (RIC).

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